ROH TV Results – April 4, 2024

ROH TV Results – April 4, 2024

Proving Ground Match
ROH World Tag Team Champions Undisputed Kingdom (Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) vs. The Infantry (Carlie Bravo & Shawn Dean)

Matt Taven & Carlie Bravo had a feeling out process with headlocks and hammerlocks until Shawn Dean tags in and Taven took a double arm drag.

Dean continued the work with an arm drag and arm bar then Bravo back in and hit the double ax handle to the held arm.

Taven got a blind tag and Mike Bennett hits a dropkick to the knee.

Taven distracted the ref while Bravo had Bennett rolled up for a visual near fall the ref missed.

Dean came in and hit a dropkick to the face then he & Bennett traded chops in the corner.

Dean hits a scoop slam in the middle of the ring and hits a elbow drop for a two count.

Another blind tag for Undisputed Kingdom but Dean got Taven with a roll up for a two count. The Infantry hits an execution backbreaker out of the corner for a two count.

Bravo hit a running forearm in the corner but then ate a dropkick from Taven.

While Taven posed, Dean tags in and hits a dropkick before Bennett comes in and he ate a dropkick too.

The Infantry hit a double dropkick on both men and tried to dive on Undisputed Kingdom on the floor but had to settle for a barricade smash.

Back in the ring The Infantry tried some sunset flips but Undisputed Kingdom rolls through and Taven hit Just The Tip on Bravo. Undisputed Kingdom hits a pop up Boston Bayonett on Dean.

Undisputed Kingdom puts Dean in the tree of woe and Bennett hit a dropkick to the face.

Dean got a quick roll up on Taven for a one count then hits a step up enzuigiri.

Bennett tags in and stops the tag out before we get some quick tags from Undisputed Kingdom in the corner. Dean fought out and hits another roll up on Taven for a two count.

Dean hits a sunset flip for another two count on Taven. Dean hit a DDT and planted Taven but Bennett pulls Bravo off the apron and smashed Bravo into the ring apron.

Bennett then hit a DVD on the apron to Dean which Taven got a two count on.

Bennett hit a suplex but Taven missed the frog splash off the top and Dean got the hot tag.

Bravo came in with forearms and back body drops before Bravo hits Carlie Crossover that dumped Undisputed Kingdom to ringside and he dove on them.

Bravo hits a rolling flatliner for a two count then The Infantry set up for Boot Camp but Taven pulls Bravo outside then Taven hit a springboard moonsault for a two count on Dean.

The bell rang and the 10 Minute Time Limit expired.

Winners: No One (Time Limit Draw) (10:00)

After the match Bravo said they wanted their ROH World Tag Team Titles Match at Supercard Of Honor.

Backstage Television Champion Kyle Fletcher was about to cut a promo on Lee Johnson but Johnson came in and told him to say it to his face. Fletcher talked about his win in Survival Of The Fittest and even calls out Johnson being the 1st eliminated. Fletcher said he’ll be the best 1 day and Johnson will be nothing. Johnson said that Fletcher hasn’t been coming to ROH and told Fletcher about his win streak. Johnson said he’s a new man. Fletcher said Johnson is never taking the Television Title from him.

Anna Jay vs. Nikkita

Anna Jay hits a shoulder block and a hook kick before Jay ran into a drop toe hold into the corner and Nikita smashed Jay’s head into the turnbuckle.

Nikita did a rope choke before Jay came right back with a snap suplex and a running back elbow.

Jay hit a running clothesline and an elbow in the corner. Jay hit a spin kick and then a Gory bomb to get the win.

Winner: Anna Jay

Footage aired from earlier this week of Johnny TV and Taya Valkyrie interrupting Dalton Castle’s New Boys talent search. Jerry Lynn said there will be a Fight Without Honor between TV & Castle at Supercard Of Honor.

Backstage Castle cuts a screaming, shouting promo and said he’s going to destroy TV.

A promo aired from Johnny TV from a parking lot saying that Castle isn’t TV Ready. TV said get ready to sink further because he’s going to do terrible things to Castle. TV said Honor Sucks.

Lee Johnson vs. Nick Comoroto

Lee Johnson works over Nick Comoroto in the corner with some chops.

Comoroto got dumped over the ropes but skinned the cat as Johnson dropkicks him to ringside and dove onto him.

Johnson went to the top rope for the flying nothing and Comoroto hits a big running back elbow.

Comoroto calls Jacoby Watts onto the stage & he came out in his cowboy hat and with his book.

Comoroto threw Johnson hard into the turnbuckle then Comoroto hits a scoop slam and elbow drop. Comoroto locks in a neck vice and Johnson powered out.

Johnson avoided a charging Comoroto & hits the turnbuckle hard.

Johnson tried for a suplex and actually got a shallow one then Johnson tried for a reverse DDT but Comoroto fought out with a Claw and a clothesline.

Comoroto calls for the end of the match but let more shave your body chants distract him. Johnson rolls up Comoroto for a two count.

Johnson hit a superkick and enzuigiri and went up top rope.

Comoroto follows him up but Johnson fought him off and hit a frog splash to the back for the win.

Winner: Lee Johnson

Backstage Lexy Nair asked Griff Garrison & Cole Karter how they can keep up their momentum. Garrison said they just have to be themselves and to thank Maria. Karter said it’s terrible Maria isn’t here and that they don’t know where she is. Serpentico came in and said he’d tell them where Maria is if they sign and date a document and Karter did without hesitation while Garrison looked on concerned. Serpentico said he has no idea where Maria is but he’ll see them tomorrow for the match they just signed up for at Supercard Of Honor.

Nyla Rose vs. Alexia Nicole

Nyla Rose slaps Alexia Nicole for the Code Of Honor and hit a big knee lift early.

Rose tossed Nicole across the ring and hit a senton splash.

Nicole came back with a shotgun dropkick that barely staggered Rose.

Nicole tried a middle rope dropkick but got a big boot for her effort so Rose hits a Torture Rack Cutter to get the win.

Winner: Nyla Rose

Backstage Jacoby Watts interrupted an interview with Lexy Nair & Nick Comoroto. Watts promised Comoroto that his guidance will help Comoroto better. Comoroto shook his hand

Evil Uno vs. London Lightning

Evil Uno got scolded by the ref for pulling hair on the lock up and said he’d never do it again only to go right back to it. Uno and the ref argued about the hair pulling.

London Lightning slaps Uno in the face and tried a shoulder block but Uno stuffed it and hit one of his own.

Uno returned the face slap and choked Lightning in the corner with a boot choke.

Uno hit a running splash and clothesline. Uno chops Lightning and played to the camera.

Lightning got a kick to the shin and a suplex before Lightning got in a little offense.

Uno tried to make a comeback but Lightning ran around the ring and Uno gave chase.

Uno was too smart to fall for the elbow drop as Lightning maintained control and got a two count off of a double ax handle drop.

Lightning chops Uno and Uno asked for more and swiveled his hip.

Uno hit a running chop and some forearms. Uno tossed Lightning twice across the ring.

Uno caught a kick and handed the foot to the ref so he could hit a neckbreaker.

Lightning hits a spinebuster and teased a sharpshooter but got kicked off.

Lightning hits a dropkick and set up for the next thing but Uno blasted him with a running mafia kick. Uno went up top and hit a swan dive then hits Something Evil for the win.

Winner: Evil Uno

A video package aired on Premier Athletes & they were training in an MMA gym.

Lexy Nair & Bille Starkz stood in the ring and Nair ran down Women’s Champion Athena & Starkz’s matches at Supercard of Honor. Starkz asked if she wins but Athena loses does that make her the minion overlord. Athena immediately made her entrance. Starkz apologized but Athena waved it off. Nair ran down Athena’s accomplishments but then ran down Shida’s accomplishments too. Athena got in Nair’s face about exposing her secrets. Athena said she’s not afraid of Shida and who cares if Shida beat her in the past.

Nair announced Hikaru Shida and she made her entrance to come down to the ring for the contract signing. Shida said she didn’t come alone and Queen Aminata made her entrance and came down to the ring to join Shida. Aminata said that she & Starkz went through hell in the tournament to get here and said she hopes Starkz is ready to fight. Starkz said she’s more than ready and is waiting to crush Aminata. Athena cut in and said this is about her and lets get this over with so I can go to the mall. Athena quickly signed the contract and passed it to Shida who did the same.

Shida took the mic and said that she can’t be fooled and she knows that Athena is afraid of her. Shida said she is in the head of Athena & Athena did look nervous. Athena slaps Shida and things broke down fast. Aminata got dumped to ringside and MIT did the double team on Shida. Athena set up the table in the corner. Aminata came back in and cleared Starkz and that let Shida stomp Athena into the table which didn’t break so she suplexed Athena into the table which broke that time.

A sit down interview aired with Mark Briscoe & ROH World Champion Eddie Kingston with Lexi in the middle as moderator. Nair asked Briscoe what it would mean for him to win the ROH World Title. Briscoe said it’ll be 11 years to the day that Jay Briscoe won his 1st ROH World Title. Briscoe said he’s been in ROH since day 1 even before he was old enough to wrestle. Briscoe said that it would mean everything to win the ROH World Title and make Jay proud. Nair asked Kingston what it would mean to retain his ROH Title.

Kingston said old Eddie would find a bottle to drown his recent loss in but Briscoe deserves him at 100%. Kingston ran down former ROH World Champions and talked about the lineage of the title. He said he’s proud to be one of those champions. Kingston said ROH was always the goal before AEW opened up. Kingston said he tells the new generation that they wouldn’t survive the old Philly. Kingston said with all due respect, I can’t lose to you. I will Man Up. Kingston said he wants Jay to look down and cheer them both on when they give 1,000%. Kingston said he loves Mark but for his sobriety he can’t lose to him then both men shook hands.

6 Man Tag Team Match
Top Flight (Dante Martin & Darius Martin) & Action Andretti vs. Christopher Daniels, Jack Cartwheel & Matt Sydal

Dante Martin & Jack Cartwheel did a feeling out process with come cartwheel escapes and missed kicks and they went to a stalemate with it and shook hands.

Matt Sydal & Darius Martin came in and Darius got a bunch of near fall roll ups on Sydal & Sydal responded with a big spin kick to the face.

Christopher Daniels hit an STO and Sydal hits a standing Spiral Tap so Daniels could get a two count on Darius. Top Flight hit a blind tag and a dropdown DDT combo on Daniels.

Action Andretti came in and hits a standing moonsault for a two count on Daniels.

Andretti & Darius hit some tandem offense that ended with a splash from Darius that got a two count on Daniels. Andretti hit a scoop slam and got a two count on Daniels.

Andretti hits a superkick and tried a springboard move but Daniels got the knees up.

Daniels hits a Death Valley Driver and Sydal got the hot tag & Sydal hit a bunch of kicks on Top Flight. Sydal hit an air raid crash on Dante for a two count.

Darius cut Sydal off with an enzuigiri and Dante got a roll up for a two count.

Sydal got the tag to Cartwheel and he came in to fight with Andretti.

Cartwheel cartwheeled out of a flying headscissors then Cartwheel hits a cartwheel powerslam for a near fall. Andretti hits a back elbow on Cartwheel & Sydal.

Andretti hits a around the world DDT on Cartwheel but Daniels came right in.

Top Flight hits a DDT combo move on Daniels before Andretti flip dove onto Daniels & Sydal at ringside.

Cartwheel dumped Darius to ringside and tried to dive on him but Top Flight cut him off with superkick and Andretti hits a 450 off the top onto Cartwheel to get the win.

Winners: Top Flight & Action Andretti

Updated Supercard Of Honor Card (April 5th)

Women’s Title Match
Athena (c) vs. Hikaru Shida

ROH World Title Match
Eddie Kingston (c) vs. Mark Briscoe

Finals Of The Women’s Television Title Tournament
Billie Starkz vs. Queen Aminata

Television Title Match
Kyle Fletcher (c) vs. Lee Johnson

6 Woman Tag Team Match
Empress Nexus Venus (Mina Shirakawa & Maika) & Mei Seira vs. Queen’s Quest (Saya Kamitani & AZM) & Tam Nakano

Fight Without Honor Match
Dalton Castle vs. Johnny TV

ROH World Tag Team Titles Match
Undisputed Kingdom (Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) (c) vs. The Infantry (Carlie Bravo & Shawn Dean)

Tag Team Match
Spanish Announce Project (Angelico & Serpentico) vs. Griff Garrison & Cole Karter

Tag Team Match
Primer Athletes (Josh Woods & Tony Nese) vs. TBD

Mariah May vs. Momo Kohgo (Pre Show)