ROH TV Results – March 28, 2024

ROH TV Results – March 28, 2024

Proving Ground Match
Women’s Champion Athena vs. Nikita

Nikita came out hot with a few clotheslines and a sling blade then hits a bulldog that dumped Athena on her head and a facebuster but only got a one count.

Nikita hits a elbow and locks in a tarantula hold in the ropes before Athena hits a diving forearm after Nikita had to let go of the hold and fell to ringside to slap hands with fans.

Athena ran Nikita into the barricades and told the fans that it’s my show.

Back in the ring Athena hit a double underhook airplane spin then a front facelock slam.

Athena then locks in a neck vice of some sort for the submission win,

Winner By Submission: Women’s Champion Athena (2:57)

After the match Athena drops Nikita with a dropkick and started the beatdown. Athena hung Nikita in the tree of woe and kicks her in the back. Athena put the Women’s Title over Nikita’s face but before she could do anything Hikaru Shida ran out and made the save as Athena retreated to ringside. Shida put the Women’s Title on the ground.

Backstage Renee Paquette asked Lee Johnson why he asked for some interview time. Johnson said he’s not here to take part but to take over and take titles. Johnson said he’s going to be watching the Television Title match tonight and that he’s calling his shot and wants next at Supercard Of Honor.

Tag Team Match
Griff Garrison & Cole Karter vs. Victor Castella & Kaz Jordan

Griff Garrison hits a shoulder block then stuffs a dropkick from Kaz Jordan and threw him into the corner to tag out.

Cole Karter hit a corner splash on Victor Castella then hit a spinebuster.

Karter & Garrison hits a flurry of offense on Castella then a TKO/Big Boot combo to get the win.

Winners: Griff Garrison & Cole Karter

Dalton Castle vs. Nick Comoroto

Nick Comoroto pushed Dalton Castle into the corner and flexed his pecs and Castle responded with some hip thrusts.

Castle picked the ankle and tried to mount for some punches before Comoroto came back with some shoulder thrusts into the corner.

Castle tried to throw Comoroto out of the ring but he skinned the cat and even blocks a Castle suplex attempt. Castle ran right into a clothesline.

Castle eventually got a hold of Comoroto and hits a German suplex then hits Bang A Rang to get the win.

Winner: Dalton Castle

After the match Taya Valkyrie’s music hit and she came out on stage. Valkyrie decried the fact that Castle called her irresponsible. Valkyrie said she was glad they lost The Boys because they were bad boys. From behind Johnny TV started the beatdown on Castle and said that Castle set a bad example for The Boys and then they made out on top of Castle.

A video package aired with Mark Briscoe at his farm recounting the Briscoes’ success and his needing to start over solo. It was interspersed with some old shots of Jay Briscoe talking Mark up. Mark said that he’s going to show ROH World Champion Eddie Kingston that he’s ready to be the top dog. Briscoe told Kingston it’s time to Man Up

Tag Team Match
Brandon Cutler & Colt Cabana vs. Bryce Donovan & Rex Lawless

Rex Lawless stuffed a shoulder tackle attempt and flexed his pecs before Brandon Cutler tried to chop Lawless to no avail and tags out.

Colt Cabana tried a test of strength with Lawless but that went badly before Lawless fell victim to some weird misdirection spots and got dropped.

Bryce Donovan came in and got hit with a trip and elbow drop.

Lawless & Donovan made a comeback with some tandem offense that got Donovan a two count.

Lawless & Donovan works over Cutler in their corner but Cutler made it out and got the hot tag where Cabana made them run into each other & hits a corner splash and the Bionic Elbow on both of them.

Cutler took off his jacket to show his abs and they hit an assisted airplane spin on Lawless.

They knocked Lawless to the floor and hits some tandem offense and a pumphandle elbow drop combo on Donovan to get the win.

Winners: Brandon Cutler & Colt Cabana

6 Man Tag Team Match
KPK (Harun, Ahmed & Abu) vs. Top Flight (Dante Martin & Darius Martin) & Action Andretti

Action Andretti used some wrist work to work over Abu before Darius Martin came in and hits an arm drag then Dante Martin hits a leapfrog on the arm.

Andretti came in and hit a springboard dropkick which got a two count.

Darius hit an atomic drop and Dante hit a clothesline and got a two count on Abu.

Ahmed hits a kick to the back and shifted the momentum and Abu got a one count and mounted Dante for some punches. KPK hits some quick tags and did some corner work.

KPK tried a double team move but Dante made them hits each other then walks over 2 of them to hit the hot tag.

Darius enters the match and hits some clotheslines and a tornado DDT combo for a near fall. Andretti & Darius hit a German suplex dropkick combo.

Abu & Harun fell outside and Andretti and Darius dove onto them.

Top Flight all hit tandem moves on one of KPK and it ends with a springboard moonsault from Andretti to get the win.

Winners: Top Flight & Action Andretti

A recap video recaps the Semi Final Matches of the Women’s Television Title Tournament from last week.

Kiera Hogan vs. Diamante

Diamante hits an early shoulder block and got a 1 count then Diamante grabs a chin lock but Kiera Hogan powers out and locks in a hammerlock with a bridge but let go quickly.

Diamante went right to an arm bar but Hogan powered out and Diamante grabs the ropes for a break. Hogan grabs an arm wringer but Diamante got out with a right hand.

Diamante ran right into a big boot and Hogan got a two count off it.

Hogan hits a drop down trip and a pop up leg drop for a two count.

Hogan threw Diamante hard into the buckle and charged in only to be drop toe hold tripped into the turnbuckle and stomped.

Diamante hits a dropkick in the corner and got a two count.

Diamante locks in a neck stretch and Hogan powers out then Diamante put Hogan on the top turnbuckle but Hogan fought her down and hit a dropkick from the middle rope for a double down.

Hogan hits some running double ax handles then a hip attack and dropkick in the corner for a two count when Hogan’s legs were outside the ropes.

Diamante raked the eyes behind the ref’s back and a chop block before Hogan hits a superkick and her rolling fisherman’s buster for the win.

Winner: Kiera Hogan

Evil Uno vs. JD Drake

Evil Uno & JD Drake traded some crowd taunts so that Uno could get some more cheers.

Both men shoved each other for a bit and then traded hip swivels before Drake stuffed a shoulder block and hit another hip swivel.

Uno stomped on his toe then they traded stuffing shoulder blocks for a bit then Uno hits a flying headscissors that sent Drake to the floor.

Uno follows him out and chopped Drake as he slaps hands with the fans.

Drake turned it around and broke the count and then they traded chops until Uno did a fake out and punch to the face.

Uno missed a chop and chopped the post then ran into the rebound forearm.

Back in the ring Drake raked the eyes of Uno and hits a scoop slam.

Drake hits an outside in senton roll and taunted the Dark Order hand sign.

Drake hits a knee lift and a shining wizard for a two count.

Uno fired up as he withstood some Drake chops and punches.

Uno hits a few chops then got punched in the face and rolls to ringside.

Drake missed a chop and chopped the post and turned right around into an somersault splash off the apron.

Back in the ring Uno hits a running clothesline then the 10 punches in the corner.

Uno hits a big boot and a DDT for a two count. Uno stomped on the hand of Drake and hits a dropkick.

Drake threw a few chops and Uno swiveled his hip then used his vest to hit some hockey punches. Drake hits a single leg dropkick and got a two count.

Drake missed a middle rope splash and Uno hits a running big boot before Uno went to the top rope and missed a senton.

Drake hits a cannonball in the corner and went up top & Drake missed a moonsault and Uno rolls him up for the win.

Winner: Evil Uno

Backstage Hikaru Shida ran down her accomplishments and said she’s excited to beat up the forever champ and told fans to get ready for a new era.

Television Title Match
Kyle Fletcher (c) vs. Blake Christian

Kyle Fletcher kicks away the Code Of Honor then Fletcher dumps Blake Christian with a waist lock slam and then put him down with a shoulder block.

Christian hits a dropkick that only made Fletcher stumble into the ropes.

Christian hits a wheelbarrow stomp and splash and got a two count before Fletcher stuffed an Irish whip and dumps Christian to ringside.

Fletcher tried a dive but Christian slid inside and Christian hits a Fosbury Flop dive but landed on his feet and hits a reverse DDT.

Back in the ring Fletcher hits a spinning slam for a two count then Fletcher hits a chop that echoed through the arena and he paused to look for the echo.

Fletcher wound up but Christian slid out and hit rapid fire chops in the corner.

Fletcher cuts him off with a back elbow then Christian did a handstand in the corner and hit a DDT when Fletcher ran in.

Christian hits a reverse DDT backbreaker and a spear on the apron.

Christian hits a running suicide dive and went to the top rope & hits an elbow off the top rope for a 2 count.

Christian went back up top but Fletcher knocked him down and hits a boot in the corner.

Fletcher hit a brainbuster for a two count before Christian hung Fletcher on the top rope and hit a frog splash onto him.

Back in the ring Christian tried a pop up move but Fletcher rolls him up then hits Grindstone Piledriver for the win.

Winner & Still Television Champion: Kyle Fletcher (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)

After the match Lee Johnson came out on stage and made the title motion on his waist. Fletcher held up his Television Title in response

Updated Supercard Of Honor Card (April 5th)

Women’s Title Match
Athena (c) vs. Hikaru Shida

ROH World Title Match
Eddie Kingston (c) vs. Mark Briscoe

Finals Of The Women’s Television Title Tournament
Billie Starkz vs. Queen Aminata

Television Title Match
Kyle Fletcher (c) vs. Lee Johnson

6 Woman Tag Team Match
Empress Nexus Venus (Mina Shirakawa & Maika) & Mei Seira vs. Queen’s Quest (Saya Kamitani & AZM) & Tam Nakano