Ronda Rousey On Logan Paul In WWE: “I Wish I Was Allowed The Time To Rehearse That He Gets”

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Ronda Rousey has recently spoken out about her time in WWE and criticized the company. She has now set her sights on the company’s treatment of Logan Paul.

In her autobiography, Rousey ripped Vince McMahon. She also spoke out about Bruce Prichard and John Laruantis. The former WWE star has also criticized McMahon in interviews while promoting the book, but has praised Triple H.

During an appearance on “Jackass” star Steve-O’s podcast, Rousey stated that her issue is with WWE, not Paul, for the way they protect him with his matches and give him plenty of time to prepare for them.

“I wish I was allowed the time to rehearse that he gets. It’s not evenly spread. He’s like their next big star. They are rolling out the red carpet. It goes to show that if you give people the time to rehearse and the resources, you can do amazing things. It’s frustrating that everybody doesn’t get that treatment. My first match with them was incredible because we had six weeks to rehearse, all the best minds in the business coming and putting in their two cents and it was an instant classic. Then, they never did it again. I was like, ‘Why isn’t this the model?’ They’re doing that with Logan Paul and he’s having these fantastic performances. Look what you guys can do when you actually put organization and effort into things. It blows my mind that this billion-dollar company is succeeding in spite of itself in so many ways in so many ways.”

You can check out her complete appearance below:

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