Ryan Nemeth Recalls Issues He Had In FCW, Discusses His Decision To Get Into Acting

Former AEW star Ryan Nemeth recently appeared on an episode of the Developmentally Speaking podcast, where he talked about a number of topics including the issues he had in FCW.

Nemeth said, “Someone else took over FCW and that person had … the only interest he had in me was getting rid of me as fast as possible. When Dr. Tom [Prichard] was in charge and Dusty had a lot of pull and say, I was the literal top 10 of FCW on the wall on a board and I was like three or four… I really thought like, this is reassuring. To come into work every day and know that I’m putting in all this effort and getting something out of it, that was a good feeling. And then the regime shifted and I’m embarrassed to tell you I was in all the top training, polishing classes, and then overnight I was in the beginner class with Baron Corbin and Mojo Rowley and models who had never wrestled before. I like both of those people a lot but at the time I felt very angry about that.”

On his decision to leave WWE and get into acting:

“I wanted to quit and I remember having a lot of like emotional breakdown moments privately, you know, where I would, like a movie, I [would] like drive to the beach at like 11 at night on a Wednesday and be like, ‘What am I doing with my life, dude? Obviously, this guy wants to fire me.’ I was thinking, I got to just move to LA and just do acting and writing and, you know, if this is the only company in the world and whoever doesn’t like me that’s pretty much it… It was very quick. I, like, basically, suddenly moved to LA, I didn’t have even somewhere to live,” recalled Nemeth. “I think I went there with my car and like a few laundry baskets of clothes and just thought like, I have some friends there, I’ll figure it out and I did you know.”

You can check out the complete podcast in the video below.