Samoa Joe On AEW: “We’re Pro Wrestling, And We’re Proud To Say That”

AEW World Champion Samoa Joe recently spoke with Joe Murray on 98.5 The Sports Hub on a number of topics including how All Elite Wrestling is pro wrestling and proud to say it as well as how both pro wrestling and sports entertainment are wonderful art forms.

Joe said, “We call it pro wrestling. We’re very proud of that label. The sports entertainment thing, it’s a very debated thing, either or. I give credence to both. I think both are wonderful art forms, but when it comes to AEW, we’re pro wrestling, and we’re pro wrestlers, and we’re proud to say that. We’re not trying to morph it into something else that maybe is more palatable to the mainstream. I think the mainstream is totally fine with the label ‘pro wrestling.’ At this point, I think it’s just silly semantics on both sides, to be honest with you. I think both sides are just kind of being dumb about it. I think the major reason why they were being dumb about it on the other side is probably gone, so maybe they’ll switch up their tone.”

You can check out Joe’s comments in the video below.

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)