Scott Steiner Believes Bron Breakker Is Ready For WWE’s Main Roster

(Photo Credit: WWE)

The legendary Bill Apater recently spoke with former WCW World Champion and WWE Hall of Famer Scott Steiner. Here are the highlights:

His sons:

“My one boy just signed with Virginia Tech. They’re actually in Switzerland right now playing some games. My other boy plays for Jacksonville in Alabama for Rich Rod who used to be the coach at Michigan, so he’s doing good there.”

Bron Breakker in NXT:

“He loves it. He has a good time there. I mean, when he was little, he was watching me on Monday Night RAW or Nitro and cut my own interview on me.”

Why Bron is not on the main roster yet:

“They are still waiting to bring him up when the time is right. I mean, it’s better to go up there with them having a plan in mind than just show up. It’s best for him to keep on learning. They’ll know when he’s ready. I mean, I think he’s ready now.”

You can check out the interview below:

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