Shad And Tony Khan Rumored To Be Interested In Buying Bellator MMA

It appears that Shad and Tony Khan are interested in an MMA organization despite already owning Fulham, AEW, and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Bellator MMA’s Scott Coker recently confirmed that the company is for sale and that talks with the PFL have begun. Today on The MMA Hour, Ariel Helwani stated that he has heard of “multiple players” who are interested.

Helwani stated, “I know that PFL was one of those players that looked into them.” Helwani said that PFL backed out but they are back in the mix as a potential buyer. He also said that Liberty Media and the Khan family have “looked into them.” He added, “To what degree is unclear. When I’m talking about the Khan family, I’m talking about Shad Khan and his son Tony Khan…”

Bellator MMA is regarded as the number two promotion after the UFC. The majority of their shows air on Showtime, but they have struggled to gain enough traction to be considered a genuine threat to the UFC. That could change if the Khans or the PFL buy them out.

Helwani spoke about the Khan family’s interest in Bellator in the video below.