Spoilers: MLW Fusion TV Taping Results From 11/18/2023

Major League Wrestling held the latest set of Fusion TV tapings this past Saturday night from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The matches will air on future episodes of Fusion.

Here are the spoilers, courtesy of PWInsider.com:

– Wasted Youth defeated Lucky 13, Austin Luke and Mane Event.

– Zayda defeated Gia Scott. After the match, Mister Saint Laurent made his way out and signed Zayda to his World Titan Federation stable.

– Tony Deppen defeated Nolo Kitano.

– Jimmy Lloyd defeated Cannonball of The Calling in a Thumbtack Death Match.

– Kevin Blackwood defeated TJ Crawford in a brawl.

– There was a Battle Royal featuring Tony Deppen, Griffin McCoy, TJ Crawford, O’Shay Edwards, Matthew Justice, Mr. Thomas, Yocifer El, Nolo Kitano, Ichiban, Kevin Blackwood, Brett Ryan Gosselin, Josh Bishop, Tom Lawlor, Love, Doug and Mance Warner. Warner and Lawlor fought all the way until outside of the building. Bishop won after powerbombing Justice through a table over the ropes to the floor.

– MLW Featherweight Champion Jai Kanai defeated Delmi Exo and Tiara James. Salina de la Renta blinded Delmi, setting up Janai to defeat James.

– MLW National Openweight Champion Rickey Shane Page defeated Akira. The Calling attacked Akira and shaved his Mohawk.

– Alexander Hammerstone, Tom Lawlor and Josh Bishop defeated Bomaye Fight Club’s O’Shay Edwards, Mr. Thomas and J. Bouji.