Steve Maclin Addresses His TNA Contract Expiring Soon, Facing Nic Nemeth, More

Steve Maclin recently appeared as a guest on the Irish Wrestling podcast for an in-depth interview covering all things pro wrestling. During the discussion, Maclin discussed facing Nic Nemeth:

“This was our first time ever locking horns in the ring, other than us running into each other the past couple of months going into the match at Sacrifice.

“This is the first time we’ve locked up and went toe to toe; it was everything I thought it would be and more.
Because it’s going into the ring with Nic, and for a guy of his caliber from the heights he’s been in his career, and still being considered underrated in his career is crazy. But just for me to go toe to toe with Nic Nemeth, formally Dolph Ziggler and Mr Steel the Show, I thought we stole the show, and I thought I stole the show by the end of that match.”

On Wanting to face Mustafa Ali for the X-Division Title:

“Mustafa and I actually have a history, we both had our trials on the same day 2013 (NXT) and its kinda funny to see full circle coming over a decade later to where he’s X-Division Champion and I’m on my way back to the world title, so the X-Division Title always has an Option C to it to get back to the world title and I wouldn’t mind an X-Division run and to kick the crap out of a Politician has always been a dream of mine too.”

On his contract coming up and what he needs to do to get re-signed:

“You take it one match at a time. Every match and every promo, it’s always an audition and that’s one of those things whether you have the job or not, you’re still working for that spot and the best advice I’ve ever gotten is just never act like you have everything already. You have to earn it every time you’re out there and act lime you’re completely broke and at the bottom, just you got to want it.
Keep grinding and I don’t know if you wan to sum it up to my military career of being a “Grunt” to be Infantry, like that’s just how I live my life in general, I’m just a ‘grunt.'”

You can check out the interview below: