Tank Ledger Gets Teeth Knocked Out During Match On WWE NXT (Video)

“This ain’t ballet.”

Pro wrestling is a physical business, and if Brock Lesnar screaming “LOOK AT THIS FACE!” didn’t fully display that on Monday Night Raw this week, we also received further evidence to support this claim during Tuesday night’s episode of WWE NXT.

During a physical tag-team bout between two big-boy teams, with Tank Ledger and Hank Walker squaring off against the reunited Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen, Tank lost a tooth.

Tank Ledger received a big boot during the bout that saw his tooth get knocked out. The newcomer to the scene in WWE NXT simply spit them out, tucked them away and continued performing in the match, which saw Tank take the “Hart Attack” double-team finisher from Briggs and Jensen for the pin.

Check out pictures and footage of Tank Ledger getting his tooth knocked out during this week’s WWE NXT on USA Network show via the tweets embedded below.