The Undertaker Says Bret Hart “Gets A Lot Of Crap” From Critics And Is Not Sour

(Photo Credit: WWE)

On the most recent “Six Feet Under” podcast, The Undertaker discussed Bret Hart and their WWF matches from the 1990s. Taker complimented Bret’s work.

Matt Lyda, Taker’s co-host, discussed some of Bret Hart’s critics, who claim he is bitter because he criticizes some aspects of modern wrestling. Lyda believes it demonstrates how he respected the business.

Taker said, “Bret loved the business. He took a lot of pride in what he did, as he should. I think he gets a lot of crap because he doesn’t like a lot of how they do things right now. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. Just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean that you have the right [to say] he’s sour or he’s this. He’s not sour, it’s just not the way he did it. I’ve had to deal with that. I’ve had to kind of learn and accept the fact that the business has evolved and although they don’t do it the way maybe I would have done it, it’s the way it’s done now.”

Taker continued, “He did take a lot of pride in being a wrestler and telling stories and having matches the way that he did. People need to lighten up and not worry so much about what people say because everybody’s entitled to their opinion. You don’t have to agree with somebody. It drives me a little crazy, like the vitriol that comes out and people that get hateful about different things. It’s entertainment. We’re trying to evoke emotion. That’s his opinion, let him have his opinion. We all have one and we’re all entitled to it. You don’t have to get ugly.”

Bret, according to Lyda, must be one of the top four or five wrestlers and should be considered for the wrestling Mt. Rushmore alongside Shawn Michaels and AJ Styles due to their abilities in the ring.

During the podcast (watch below), Taker also discussed the Montreal Screwjob and how it “sucks” because he considers Bret a close friend. He also discussed what he’d learned from Bret, Shawn Michaels, and others.

You can check out the podcast below:

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