TNA Impact Results – May 16, 2024

TNA Wrestling is back and pre-recorded from the Albany Armory in Albany, NY.

We will see Ash by Elegance, Broken Matt Hardy, and more. Continue below for the complete results.

Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt

Ring Announcer: Jade Chung

Xia Brookside vs. Ash by Elegance 

RESULTS: Ash by Elegance defeats Xia Brookside via pinfall with Rarified Air. During the match, Xia argued with The Concierge. Then Ash used the distraction to attack her from behind.

After the match, The Concierge commanded Xia to bow and give Ash the rings. Ash took the rings, and decked Ash. Xia dropped the rings on a fallen Ash.

Rosemary promo:

She said that Havok was attacked (by Ash) and is now gone. Rosemary sat discouraged and threw off her glove and hat. She said there is a time when you have to give up your attachments to your heart and soul.

Then she mentioned Havok, Valkyrie and Bunny. She said they’re not human and don’t play by the rules. She said it’s only after you’ve lost everything, that you’re free to do anything. Rosemary then pulled out a knife and appeared to cut her hair.


Santino Marella was chatting with Kushida!  Kushida said that after his match with Jonathan Gresham, he was sick. Santino noted he was sick for a week after his interaction with Gresham. Kushida said he would be fine for his match on Xplosion.

Alan Angels vs. Leon Slayter

RESULTS: Leon Slayter defeats Alan Angels via pinfall with a beautiful 450 splash.

Making his way to the ring, KON:

He twisted Angel’s neck. Kon then went after Slater, but Slater made a comeback and clotheslined Kon over the top rope. Fans chanted “Let’s go, Leon!” Kon twisted the neck of one of the security guys who tried to hold him back.

Gabby Laspisa interviews Jake Something on stage:

She asked him about his last name. He said that his name came from the fact that he built himself up to be something. She asked if he finally felt he was something. He took offense to the question and said that it sounded like she was mocking him for losing. Then Something blamed Cody Deaner for the loss last week.

Cody Deaner joined them onstage. Deaner noted that he and Jake were cousins. He said that Jake proved the people of the past wrong and he amounted to something. Cody said the people were with Jake and so is Cody.

Jake brought up Cody turning on him and joining Violent by Design. Cody apologized and said he was down a dark path for many years. He was concerned that Jake would go down the dark path too. Cody said Jake will always be family. Jake said, “The hell I will” then clotheslined Cody.

Gia Miller interviews Mike Bailey and Trent Seven:

The two men talked about facing each other to determine the number one contender for the X Division Title. Bailey said their purpose is to represent the peak of professional wrestling.

Seven said they represent the summit of TNA then talked about beating ABC. He said he and Bailey are reaching a crossroad, and they will face off next week. Bailey said, “May the best man win.” The three men bowed.

Steve Maclin vs. Frankie Kazarian

During the match, Trey Miguel got on the apron. While the referee argued with Trey, Zachary Wentz sprayed paint in Maclin’s eyes.

RESULTS: Frankie Kazarian defeats Steve Maclin via pinfall off the spray paint to the eyes!

Gail Kim and Gisele Shaw segment:

Kim encouraged Gisele not to quit after one title match loss. Gail said she would be there for guidance. Shaw asked where Gail was guiding her, and Gail responds “home.” Then Gail offered a hand to Shaw, and she accepted.

Part Two of the Mike Santana interview with Tom Hannifan:

Mike talked about taking care of others and he needed to take care of himself. He discussed his daughter writing to Santa that she wanted her daddy to stop drinking. Santana said that made him get it together and he was thankful for that day. Hannifan mentions that Santana has been sober for over a year.

They talked about his return to TNA. He said if you don’t fight for yourself, no one can fight for you! You need to be your biggest cheerleader and advocate. That’s why he asked for his release (from AEW).

The conversation moved on to talking about his victory over Steve Maclin. Santana said he respects Maclin and he wanted to make a statement against a guy like him. He said he has a target on everyone’s back and he has a chip on his shoulder. Mike Santana said he is here to take spots! So be careful! He’s coming!

First Class promo from the VIP section:

AJ Francis said they would take in this big main event and check out the competition. Rich Swann was counting money as he talked about going after titles.

Champions Challenge match – (Team TNA Champions) Moose, Mustafa Ali, Eddie Edwards, Jordynne Grace, Masha Slamovich, Laredo Kid, Alisha Edwards vs. (Team TNA All Star) Matt Hardy, Eric Young, Joe Hendry, Sami Callihan, Ryan Nemeth, Steph De Lander, and Spitfire

This match was billed as the biggest tag team match in TNA history. All the champions in TNA faced off against a team of TNA all-stars. Hendry had something to say before the match!

He said to never have all the champions been in one match at the same time. Hendry said this match seems like the perfect recipe for an outbreak of HendryMania! He said the only solution was to chant “We Believe!”, which the crowd did. Then all the champions team came out.

This was different because the match had three referees!

During the match, Mustafa Ali walks out on his team after being frustrated that no one would tag him into the match.

Results: Team All Star defeats TNA Champions with a Standing Ovation from Joe Hendry to Brian Myers.

After the match, the winning team celebrates, PCO comes to the ring and presents Steph De Lander with a black rose out of his black bag as TNA iMPACT goes off the air.