Triple H Addresses John Cena’s Retirement Plans In 2025

During the 2024 WWE Money in the Bank PLE, John Cena announced that he will retire from wrestling in 2025. During the post-show press conference, Paul “Triple H” Levesque commented on it.

Triple H said, “John has been talking about seeing the end coming. For athletes, you get there. With John’s schedule, it doesn’t get any easier. Especially when you’re away from it, to come back from it as an athlete. To come back and basically put your body through a trainwreck, it’s tough. You get to a place where mentally, you love it, and you think you can keep doing it. Physically, your body is telling you, ‘Dude, that is enough.’ He has been talking about it. It just came to be. ‘If I did it, this would be a way I would like to do it.’ It was a conversation that happened over time. What would the timing be? How would we work that out. A lot of T’s and I’s to cross and dot.

John has earned the right ten times over to be able to do this how he wants to do it. I’m thrilled to sit next to him and figure out how he wants to do it and how we can make that ride happen not only for him, but for all of you. This will be extraordinary and phenomenal and we’ve been thinking about it for a while. As far as doing it at Money in the Bank, the timing was just right. Secrets are hard to keep in this business. Once we got to a place, ‘we’re running the risk of this getting out there. Let’s just talk about it.”

(quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)