Triple H Reacts To People Thinking Chad Gable Was “Murdered” By The Wyatt Sicks

(Photo Credit: WWE)

While appearing on The Pat McAfee show, Paul “Triple H” Levesque commented on people believing that Chad Gable was “murdered” by The Wyatt Sicks during the June 17th 2024 edition of WWE RAW.

“You see things on TV, and it escalated quickly from here’s Chad Gable laying down. He’s obviously unconscious. To him, ‘Oh my god, he got shot in the head.’ And there’s obituaries being put up on him. People wishing him well, you know, like, look, it’s one of the wonderful things about our fans is they, they just love to be engaged in the product and to, in their minds, fantasize where it can go and what it’s going to be. And it’s an awesome part of what we do.

Every now and then we got to pull back into reality a little bit like, ‘Oh, Chad Gable is still alive. Okay.’ Clarify that for the record. Still alive. And if you come here tonight, you will probably see him actually competing.”