Video: NWA Carnyland 002 | Hey Brother, Rumor Has It…

You can check out episode 2 of NWA Carnyland below:

The livestream is online for the second episode of NWA Carnyland. You can see the video below, which kicks off at 3 PM PT/6 PM ET and is described as follows:

Carnyland 002 takes you inside a rumor that’s got all the citizens of Carnyland up in arms. What is the rumor that’s the talk of the National Wrestling Alliance? We do know a special emergency council meeting was called to be held after the show at

Watch how this rumor spreads through Carnyland and like all wrestling angles, it has a twist that you should have seen coming but likely it won’t be spoiled by Joe Galli’s news reporting. Does it involve NWA Worlds Champion Nick Aldis and Strictly Business? What about the President of The NWA, Willam Patrick Corgan? Could Carnyland already be closing after one week?