Vince McMahon Can’t Visit New The WWE Headquarters, Including Gym He Designed With Trainer

The most significant change that WWE has experienced over the years is the departure of Vince McMahon due to accusations made against him by Janel Grant. McMahon’s name does not appear on television or any of WWE’s digital properties. Furthermore, according to a longtime WWE employee, McMahon is not permitted to visit the new WWE headquarters.

On a recent episode of “The Insiders” podcast, Conrad Thompson interviewed Tom Carlucci, who has worked for Vince McMahon since 1987. Carlucci held many positions in WWE over the years and was one of McMahon’s most devoted employees. He was let go during the pandemic, but his wife still works for the company, and his son does freelance work for NXT.

Carlucci stated that when he was released, he received messages from “dirt sheets” asking for information on McMahon, but he was adamant that he was loyal and would never say anything negative about him. Carlucci also slammed people who he believes turned their backs on McMahon. He also stated that the new WWE Headquarters building was McMahon’s vision, as he wanted all of his employees to work in the same building. He made it clear that the gym was designed specifically for McMahon and that he would never be able to enter it.

Carlucci stated, “I will never ever badmouth [Vince]. Now, what’s going on with Vince now, it’s a totally different story. There’s three sides to every story in my book. So, stuff is gonna come out and you’ll see it. I don’t know anything about it but it is what it is as we all know.”

Carlucci commented on McMahon being forced out of his own company, saying, “He can’t even walk in the building…that’s crazy that you drive by that building [and] you got that big championship belt. He always wanted us from day one…because we were in two different buildings. We had the corporate off exit 9 and then we were right down the street from the corporate office. Our big production studio. He always wanted us under one roof. That was his dream to have us under one roof. The dream came and he’s not even a part of it anymore.”

Carlucci stated that his wife visits the building on a daily basis and finds it similar to visiting a museum. The building houses a Starbucks, the SmackDown cafe, and a gym designed for McMahon.

Carlucci stated, “The gym was created for Vince. He designed the gym with his trainer Mike, who I know really well. He can’t even go in that gym anymore. He can’t step foot anywhere. Every meeting that goes on over there — you’ll never see Vince here again, from the TKO people. It is crazy when you think about it that he’s the legacy.”

McMahon has denied all wrongdoing and is not currently facing any charges. Janel Grant recently agreed to temporarily halt her lawsuit at the request of the Justice Department, which is currently investigating McMahon.

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