WWE Has Already Begun Working On Creative For Jade Cargill

Former AEW TBS Champion Jade Cargill’s contract with AEW expired after last week’s Rampage, and she is expected to report to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL this week.

Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed Cargill’s status with the company on Wrestling Observer Radio, noting that the company has begun creative for her.

Alvarez: “The feeling within AEW is she’s gone. And I have heard from people that think that, like, there’s still a chance, it’s not like finished yet and there were some rumors a couple of days ago that maybe she might be back. But in general, the feeling is she’s gone and she’s probably going to end up, probably showing up at the Performance Center this coming week.”

Meltzer: “Yeah, they’ve already started working on creative for her. I heard that yesterday when I was asking around about ‘Is she locked in?’ And it’s like she wasn’t locked in, but they were very they were they’d been talking about her a lot. It’s not like this is just some minor thing to them. It’s a big thing to them. And she’ll get a vocal push because the money to get her, you have to give her a chance to get over because they’re not paying what they would pay a normal person to start there. I mean, it’s not like it’s Charlotte Flair money or anything like that or Becky Lynch money but for a newcomer to the company, it’s much higher than they usually go. So she got a good deal and she’s and they’re talking about her a lot more than they would talk about somebody bringing up that they brought up from NXT. So she ain’t going to be Tegan Nox or somebody who’s brought up or Candice LeRae. That’s just kind of brought up and she’s going to be.”

Alvarez: “What would you expect her to start in NXT for a period before going to the main roster? Straight to the main roster?”

Meltzer: “I did not clarify that as far as I got the impression it was, the main roster just because of the expense of bringing her in. They could put her in NXT for a little while before bringing her to the main roster. I don’t, in a sense, that would make sense. But then you got to justify the money. So I don’t know.”

Alvarez: “Kind of weird, too, because things are a little bit different because Becky Lynch is the NXT Champion, and Dom has been working there regularly. Rhea has been there. I remember they called Von Wagner up that one day, and then, he’s just back down there in developmental. So she could be signed to a main roster deal.”

Meltzer: “Well, she is signed to a main roster deal. She’s not going in there, but she’s not going in there for $68,000 a year.”

Alvarez: “Train at NXT, not necessarily be every single week on TV at the very beginning, but be there. I mean, it’s different now as far as what she could do with a main roster contract.”

(h/t to WrestlingNews.co for the transcription)