WWE Main Event Results – February 22, 2024

WWE Main Event Results – February 22, 2024

Jinder Mahal vs. Apollo Crews

Jinder Mahal & Apollo Crews trade blows early but Crews floats over in the corner and lands some chops. Dropkick from Crews but Mahal stays on his feet and stumbles to the corner.

Crews on the apron but gets caught with a knee to the face as he tried to come through the ropes then Mahal stomps away and uses his knee to choke.

More choking as he uses the middle rope then a neckbreaker from Mahal followed by a knee drop for a two count.

12-6 elbow to the top of the head from Mahal and he follows by locking in a modified chinlock as Crews fights to his feet and they starts trading blows again.

Crews hits a series of jumping clothesline and then a straight boot to the face.

Crews gets a two count off a crossbody from the middle ropes before an enzuigiri from Crews then a standing moonsault gets two.

Crews up top but Mahal rolls out of the way. Stun gun from Mahal connects before hitting The Khallas for the win.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

Tag Team Match
Creed Brothers (Julius & Brutus) vs. Hank Walker & Tank Ledger

Julius Creed & Tank Ledger starts this match and Julius holds his own for a few seconds but the mat wrestling takes over then a ag to Brutus Creed and he controls with a side headlock.

Creeds Brothers try to one up each other as they beat on Hank Walker & Ledger.

Ledger catches Julius and dumps him on the ropes in the corner.

Walker with a body block that knocks Brutus off the apron to the floor as we head to a break.

After the break Walker & Ledger still in control then a double slam followed by a double back splash for a two count. Walker goes to work on the arm.

He tries to punch his way to a tag but Walker delivers a big boot to the face.

Splash in the corner and then some sweet double team offense with a set up into a belly 2 back suplex.

Ledger hooks a chinlock for a bit but releases to get a two count then back to the chinlock.

Julius avoids a splash in the corner and knocks Walker off the apron then hits an enzuigiri and dives for the hot tag to Brutus. He just clubs and pounds on Walker & Ledger.

Walker goes flying with a suplex then a deadlift German follow by a powerbomb on Ledger gets two as Walker makes the save.

Walker gets dumped to the floor but comes back to stop Brutus Ball.

Julius with a pop up superplex as Brutus Ball connects on a 2nd try & that gets the win.

Winners: Creed Brothers