WWE Main Event Results – July 6, 2023

WWE Main Event Results – July 6, 2023

JD McDonagh vs. Akira Tozawa

JD McDonagh goes right to the arm but Akira Tozawa reverses and takes things to the ground. McDonagh tries to kick Tozawa away but he maintains arm control and shifts to a hammerlock & that lets McDonagh land an elbow to the face to break and he stomps away in the corner. He tells Tozawa this is easy for him.

Tozawa responds with headscissors but McDonagh comes back with a trip and takes things to the floor. Tozawa gets rammed into the apron and back in McDonagh drops an elbow then a gutbuster follow by a snap suplex into a float over cover for a two count then back to the gut with a knee and that gets a couple more two counts.

McDonagh hooks a reverse bear hug which lets the crowd get behind Tozawa but he avoids a suplex and snaps off another headscissors then a running knee and he heads up top. He lands the back elbow for a two count.

McDonagh blocks a suplex with a roll for a two count but walks into a head kick then Tozawa heads back up top but the Senton is blocked by knees follow by Devil Inside gets the win.

Winner: JD McDonagh

Apollo Crews vs. Riddick Moss

Riddick Moss immediately catches Apollo Crews with a spinebuster to start this match off before Moss gets a running shoulder in the corner and then another as he is talking lots of trash. Crews fights back and comes off the middle ropes but gets caught and Moss hits the SOS for a two count.

Another SOS and Moss does some push ups before a 3rd SOS slammed is avoided as Crews lands on his feet and connects with a dropkick then a Stinger Splash in the corner and Crews beats him down before a clothesline sends Moss to the floor and Crews hits the moonsault from the apron as we go to a break.

After the break Moss & Crews are battling on top rope and Moss looking for a superplex but Crews punches away until Moss falls and this time connects with the crossbody for a two count. Crews throws some chops then ducks a clothesline and throws some more chops.

Enziguri follows but Moss fights off Crews’ shoulders and gets a flapjack before a clothesline from Moss gets a two count then a modified neckbreaker gets a two count before Moss slaps Crews in the face a few times and looks for the neckbreaker again but gets shoved off then he grabs the ropes to avoid a dropkick but then runs into a clothesline.

Crews heads up but Moss rolls out of the way off the Frog Splash then Moss gets a forearm assisted slam & it gets a near fall before a suplex gets counter and Crews lands a jumping knee and another then he hits Samoan Drop for the win.

Winner: Apollo Crews