WWE Merch Revenue Was In The Six Figures On CM Punk’s First Night Back

(Photo Credit: WWE)

CM Punk has not only been a big draw for WWE in terms of TV ratings and social media engagement, but he has also sold a lot of merchandise. For nearly a decade, some fans had hoped for his return to the company.

Following the Men’s WarGames Match, Punk returned to WWE at Survivor Series. WWE kept the return a closely guarded secret, with only the main eventers being aware of it prior to the match. The following night, on Monday Night RAW, Punk cut his first promo, in which he declared that he was home.

The show averaged 1.884 million viewers and 0.65 in the key demo on the USA Network. This was the highest key demo rating and total viewership since the WrestleMania 39 post-show in April, as well as the highest total viewership since August 7.

Success Punk will return to RAW tonight, following his appearances on NXT Deadline and SmackDown, to reveal which brand he will join, with the expectation that it will be RAW.

Mike Johnson stated on a recent PWInsider Elite show that the night CM Punk returned to WWE, his merchandise sales were in the six figures.