WWE NXT Star Reveals He Will Be Out Of Action For 6 Months

WWE NXT star “Big Body Javi” Javier Bernal recently took to his Twitch Stream and revealed that he recently suffered a broken foot. Bernal also revealed that he was going to be out for only 6 weeks as he did not know surgery was needed, but now that surgery will be required, he is expected to be on the shelf for approximately 6 months.

Bernal said, “Well, I found out the other day that I broke my foot in a few places, so, you know, that sucks. Yeah, it’s kind of hard to say out loud….let’s get through this. So, excuse me. A lot of you guys know me as Big Body Javi on television but, this is all I ever wanted to do man… That’s tough, man, that’s tough… You guys probably saw a clip and I’m sure I’ll post a clip in the next few days. I broke my foot in a few places. It stinks. It is what it is. I found out — what is it? Two days ago, I broke it in a few places, and initially, I was told that I probably wasn’t going to need surgery, but then, the next day, the M.R.I. was a little cloudy, and they looked at it, and it looks like I probably will have surgery on my foot. I was looking at six weeks with no surgery, and from what I understand, it’s looking like six months.”

Bernal took to his Instagram page as well and issued a statement on his devastating injury.

Bernal last competed for WWE on this past Friday’s episode of NXT Level Up, which was taped on June 4 and the match saw him team up with Drake Morreaux to face Chase U (Duke Hudson and Riley Osborne) in tag team action.

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