Wyatt Sicks Appears To Have Disrupted Today’s Pat McAfee Show

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Wyatt Sicks faction appeared to be uninvited guests on The Pat McAfee Show today.

The faction made an appearance on WWE television during Monday’s Raw, where several people were laid out, some of whom appeared to be dead. Nikki Cross crawled out to a lantern at the top of the stage before we saw a gorilla beating Chad Gable, Gunther, and other characters, and the set was destroyed.

To conclude the show, the group walked out into the arena. Erick Rowan, Dexter Luis, and Joe Gacy were all wearing masks. Bo Dallas plays Uncle Howdy in a leadership role. Indi Hartwell also appears to have reacted to the attack, indicating that she may divorce Lumis as a result of his actions.

On The Pat McAfee Show, the crew may have been the latest victims of the Wyatt Sicks. At the end of the show, McAfee interviewed author Jack Carr while everyone looked off screen, as something was going on in the distance before the lights switched off, similar to how they did at the end of Raw.

Since then, no one from the show has taken to social media.