Zelina Vega Accused Of “Severely” Under Paying Prop Designer

(Photo Credit: WWE)

The official Instagram account of prop designer Mecha Chancla released the following statement:

WWE Wrestler Zelina Vega with the custom Mecha Chancla we designed, printed and hand stoned one by one that she practically got for free and severely under paid me for.

Also wasted my time on a pair of cuffs, Mech wings and headset, all hand stoned. She gave me the wrong address which resulted in my wings getting cooked in the hot 100 degree florida sun, melting it essentially, having to reship it, and then finding out the time specified was too late, then having a piece detach due to melted pieces from again…it getting damaged from being delivered to her old address that she THOUGHT she could pick it up from. It was literally something so fixable and yet she said it was my fault and a skill issue as well as her “assistant” saying I’m unprofessional for even saying it’s anything but my work and my skills suck. She got all that (commission valued at $2.5k) for $900 with a promise of exposure and I had to refund multiple customers and reject new orders to get this done, hours upon hours of 3d designing everything, bedazzling everything one by one, custom painting everything, attaching LEDs, crystalizzing the transparent parts of the wings, etc. A labor that should have taken months, I did in 2 and a half to 3 weeks non stop breaks and no sleep. And guess what? Only for her to return everything, dispute the total amount without deducting what she kept via paypal and keeping the chancla and headset for practically change. All of that…for nothing and to have expensive stuff for Temu price. As a Puerto Rican, you are literally a disgrace and 100% not for your people, let alone small businesses.

Safe to say I will never work with a celebrity that tries to scam me for cheap services and practically free items again and I will never bedazzle either, but still pretty cool to witness my piece on TV and the world seeing it. Of course there’s no tag, but that’s nothing new guys.

I definitely don’t want to work with celebrities or influencers anymore, they always expect super cheap or free stuff and excessive labor just because it’s them. I AM HUMAN TOO, I HAVE BILLS TO PAY, I NEED TO EAT. THIS IS NOT A CHINESE SWEATSHOP OR MAJOR CORP, ITS A ONE WOMAN ARMY.