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Posted On August 1, 2014By Matt KunkaIn Columns, Featured

When Wrestling Becomes Reality: Owen Hart

There are moments in everyone’s life where there will be such a huge event they will always remember where they were and what they were doing. For wrestling fans, May 23, 1999 will be one of those days.Read More

Posted On August 1, 2014By Russell DavisIn Columns, Featured

Bear With Me – The State Of WWE Programming

This past Monday we witnessed two female superstars close out Monday night Raw with an intense cat fight. Brie Bella challenged Stephanie McMahon to a match at SummerSlam while being restrained from clawing Stephanie’s face off. It wasn’t the most entertaining send off from a Monday Night Raw despite Stephanie’s best intentions. You can easily blame Brie Bella for her lack of charisma and weird facial expressions, but I think the real culprit here are the fans or dear I say “THE IWC.” That’s the Internet Wrestling Community for thoseRead More
In the last few years, it has become embarrassingly easy for WWE and wrestling fans to mock, belittle or criticize TNA Impact. A company that once had such huge potential has wilted and shriveled into a mockery of its former potential. The idea that TNA once posed the greatest threat to WWE’s dominance and security actually carried weight at one point, with the signings of multi-talented stars to the TNA roster like Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe & Sting. Fans of professional wrestling had reason to believe in a brighter, moreRead More

Posted On July 29, 2014By Sean FergusonIn Columns, Featured

Brock Lesnar: Eat. Sleep. Conquer The Cenation.

Brock Lesnar has returned to our TV screens as expected on the RAW that followed Battleground, and has immediately set his sights on becoming the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Just incase you hadn’t heard ‘The Beast Incarnate’ became the ‘1’ in ’21-1′ when he conquered The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania – something you might have heard Paul Heyman mention once or twice this last few months. And now the only thing left for him to do in WWE is to once again sit on top of the mountainRead More

Posted On July 29, 2014By Oliver NorgroveIn Columns, Featured

Could Randy Orton’s WWE Career Be All But Over?

Bare with me with this one, as I do not want to send readers into a state of shock, but there are three different attitudes towards Randy Orton. The first is the category that I am in; and involves a general dislike for the mundane nature of his character, the second category houses those who feel that his exceptional wrestling talent is enough to assure his future as a main eventer, and the third category belongs to a cluster of female wrestling fans who like him solely based on hisRead More
Late Sunday night, TMZ broke the story that Spike TV informed Dixie Carter that they were cancelling TNA Impact Wrestling. It wasn’t exactly surprising, as Spike did the same thing when they were TNN to ECW, except that ECW was drawing a better rating than TNA had been. It also wasn’t surprising from the standpoint that TNA had been stale for a long time. Now, TNA at least has more warning involved than ECW did. They have a contract locked in until October, so there is time to find aRead More
The opinion may be unpopular, but I’ve really enjoyed Rybaxel. They’ve been good for the division. They’ve been good at putting other teams over and getting enough wins to make a win over them still meaningful. Ryback and Axel work well together and after they both more or less burnt out under Heyman’s name, this has been something to help rebuild them. Eventually, they are going to break up and I’d argue it is going to be sooner rather than later, but what happens to them next? Ryback was hotRead More
Former WCW and ECW Star Scotty Riggs recently took some time to participate in an exclusive interview with PWMania.com. Riggs talks about what he’s been up to recently, his time in WCW, ECW, WWE, Sting, Paul Heyman, Eric Bischoff, his health and more. Check out the complete interview below: First of all thank you for taking the time to sit down with PWMania.com. Can you give us an update with what you’ve been up to? I’ve been retired from active wrestling competition since ’09 after a fracture to my leftRead More

Posted On July 25, 2014By Oliver NorgroveIn Columns, Featured

Why Kane Is One Of The All-Time Greats In WWE

Why Kane is one of the all-time greats in WWE: According to one of my friends, WWE recently released a t-shirt which reads “KANE: The Devil’s favorite demon but nobody’s favorite wrestler”. The shirt turned out to be a joke, but it sent home the numbing realization that Kane has been one of the most overlooked, underrated WWE talents in modern history. In this article, I will offer up 7 reasons which, to me, summarize why Kane could and should be considered one of the true greats of his generation.Read More
I’m a fan of podcasts, and typically love to listen to those done by Steve Austin and Jim Ross, who have the best guests on, from a wrestling perspective, and ask the best questions. One thing that Ross has gone on about for weeks now is the lack of proper heels in wrestling these days. For those of you not familiar with the vocabulary of wrestling, a heel is the bad guy and a babyface is the good guy. Ross’ contention is that nobody is a proper heel anymore becauseRead More

Posted On July 20, 2014By Richard LattaIn Columns, Featured

WWE Divas : 10 Women Defining A New Era In WWE

Women’s wrestling has gone through numerous phases in WWE. From the days of The Fabulous Moolah holding a title for almost 30 years, to having Alundra Blayze face off with Bull Nakano, in matches that seemed to come out of no where, to a complete disappearance of meaningful wrestling throughout The Attitude Era, we never knew what was next. After a period of evening gown matches, and Sable putting paint on herself, the early 2000’s saw Trish, Lita, Victoria, Molly, Gail Kim, and Mickie James establish themselves as not onlyRead More
This week marked the end of an era in WWE and most casual fans likely don’t even realize it. CM Punk hasn’t been seen in the flesh on WWE television since Kane dumped him out of the Royal Rumble match on January 26th. Punk met backstage with Vince McMahon and Triple H the next night and, whatever his reasons, he went home. It wasn’t until this week that his contract, believed to have been signed in Chicago only hours before his famous Money in the Bank match with John Cena,Read More
The WWE seems to be in somewhat of a transition phase, as Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, and others have begun to make their mark on sports entertainment, but recent interviews fuel speculation that some stars could return to the company. Kurt Angle is currently sidelined with an MCL injury that required surgery and there are rumors that he might not be resigned to TNA, considering the length of time he will need to recover and that TNA seems to be cutting costs anywhere possible. Angle’s health and if he shouldRead More

Posted On July 16, 2014By Richard LattaIn Columns, Featured

WWE 2K15 : 50 Legends That Must Be Included

In the last few years, WWE has been including legends in their games at a more accelerated rate than ever. Men like Bruno Sammartino, Dusty Rhodes, and Ravishing Rick Rude all made their long awaited virtual debuts. Their 30 years of Wrestlemania mode made it necessary to introduce more guys from yesteryear. Looking forward to WWE 2K15, WWE’s first voyage on the next-gen platform, there are still many wrestlers who have not been included over the last few years that fans are clamoring for. Whether actual legends, or legendary videoRead More

Posted On July 16, 2014By Thad ZajacIn Columns, Featured

WWE : It’s Time To Bury The Demon Kane

I feel bad writing this. You see, once upon a time, Kane was an excellent character with a great backstory. His slow journey from mute destroyer to speaking with a larynx microphone to speaking normally and feeling emotion (his romance with Tori, for instance) resonated. Fans bought that it was growth for him, and we could relate. When the time came, Kane’s unmasking was done well, but WWE could’ve gone all out on making him look even the slightest bit disfigured. They didn’t, but covered that with great storylines aboutRead More
Former WWE superstar Tevita Fifita, better known as Camacho, recently participated in an exclusive interview with PWMania.com. Fefita talks about his time in WWE, his character’s direction, his relationship with Triple H and Vince McMahon, his involvement in NXT and more. It’s a pleasure to have you with us, Tevita. So, how did you decide to pursue a career as a professional wrestler? In the summer of 2004, I was going into my senior year of college and I was playing football. I called my older brother and told himRead More

Posted On July 15, 2014By Sean FergusonIn Columns, Featured

WWE: Reigns Stuck In First Gear?

The long-predicted superman push of Roman Reigns appears to be upon us, and whether you believe in the former Shield enforcer’s credentials as the future face of WWE, or question his all-round ability to be “the guy”, it will certainly make for interesting viewing over the next year or so. It is these two contrasting viewpoints that appear to cover the majority of ground when it comes to the subject of Reigns’ potential, with few voices preaching indifference during his meteoric charge to the top. At a time when WWERead More

Posted On July 13, 2014By Oliver NorgroveIn Columns, Featured

Looking At How Social Media Is Killing Pro Wrestling

The internet and social media have become powerful and vastly influential tools in modern-day society. Ever-increasing popularity, as well as their incredible uses and benefits have allowed them to complete engulf our world, for the better and for the worse. Sites like Twitter and Facebook are considered to be two internet powerhouses, reaching millions of people in all corners of the globe and forming pathways of communication on an international scale. Regardless of the advantages and disadvantages to social media, it’s outreach and power has developed to the point thatRead More
Hello everyone, this is Jeff Johnson with another “Once in a Lifetime” feature exclusively on PWMania.com. My previous feature saw me spotlight Sting vs. The Undertaker – Once In A Lifetime, which in my opinion is the biggest match to never happen. This time, I am going to talk about two of the greatest technical wrestlers in the world, “The Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle, and “The American Dragon” Daniel Bryan. Let’s start from the beginning: In 1999, Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle made his debut in the then WWF,Read More