Adam Copeland Teases Free Agents Showing Up At The Cope Open

Adam Copeland appeared on the most recent “AEW Unrestricted” podcast. He described how he passed the time while hiding near the venue before his appearance. He discusses guerilla filming his intro vignette with Darby Allin in the Seattle area, how they secured the muscle car, and why it was critical for him to debut with his “Metalingus” theme music. Adam also discusses how his acting career has aided his return to wrestling, how the pandemic has influenced his in-ring storytelling and promos, and who in the AEW locker room he is most excited to work alongside. He also discusses the TNT Championship, Sting, moves versus memories, and the hockey fight from his I Quit match with Christian Cage.

On retaining the TNT Championship:

“I think Jay (Christian Cage) really, really put some onus back on that championship and made it feel like it’s must see television. I want to continue that, but I thought I needed to continue it in a different way. So in between having my two title reigns, I thought the Cope Open would be cool to earn the shot back but also kind of opened the door to where it could be anybody. That means it’s Suzuki one week. It’s Griff Garrison, it’s Lee Moriarty, it’s Dante Martin, it’s Daniel Garcia, it’s Matt Cardona. That’s really fun to me. It’s also fun as a performer to go, those are all completely different styles. Like there’s not one guy out of that that is similar. That’s really cool because I love trying to put on a different hat for each opponent. I’ve always tried to challenge myself to go okay, if I’m wrestling this guy, I can adapt. If I’m wrestling this guy, I can adapt. That’s a really fun challenge, though, because sometimes maybe you don’t adapt, but it’s fun to find out. It just so happens you find out on live television, so that can be a bit of a pressure cooker but it’s just a lot of fun. It really is. It feels like all bets are off, like anybody could show up. So look at a free agent. It’s a possibility. Trust me, I’m looking at them. I’ve already done all my homework. That’s really, really fun just to keep people on their toes and if you see a Cope segment, who knows who’s gonna show up? I think that’s fun.”

On his AEW debut at WrestleDream:

“I mean it was all very new to me because I’d been used to one thing for so long. So it was nice to bring Metalingus with me just to have that little bit of something familiar.”

On his return to wrestling:

“All of this has been such a second act, really, and what’s been really fun about it is that I feel like I brought back more mentally.”

You can check out the complete podcast below: