49ers GM Told George Kittle “Not To Do That Again” Following WWE WrestleMania 39

George Kittle is a well-known WWE fan who frequently shows up backstage at shows, sits in the front row for major events, and even leaves early from NFL post-game press conferences to make it to WWE events.

The San Francisco 49ers tight end got involved in The Miz’s open challenge during his return match at WWE WrestleMania 39 in 2023, which was met by Pat McAfee. Kittle was at ringside and spoke trash to Miz, who pushed him. Kittle clotheslined Miz at ringside. McAfee converted the punt on Miz for the victory.

Kittle told ESPN that he received a text from 49ers general manager John Lynch following the appearance. Lynch said, “Hope you had fun” and “Don’t do that again.”

Kittle explained that he did not inform the team that he would be getting physical during the WWE match because his philosophy was “just don’t get hurt, and we won’t have any problems with anything.”

Many sports contracts prohibit dangerous activities such as jumping out of an airplane, rock climbing, skiing, and other activities that teams do not want their athletes to do.