AEW Battle Of The Belts X Results – April 13, 2024

It’s Saturday night, and you know what that means …

All Elite Wrestling returns tonight from the Truist Arena in Highland Heights, Kentucky on TNT at 10/9c with the latest installment of their quarterly series, AEW Battle of the Belts X.

On tap for tonight’s show is Athena vs. Red Velvet for the ROH Women’s Championship, HOOK vs. Shane Taylor for the FTW Championship, as well as Roderick Strong vs. Rocky Romero in an AEW International Championship Eliminator bout.

Featured below are complete AEW Battle Of The Belts X results from Saturday, April 13, 2024. The following report was written by reporter Matt Boone (@MattBoone0709) as the show aired live from 10-11pm EST. on TNT.


The tenth installment of the quarterly Battle of the Belts series kicks off where Collision ended, with Bryan Danielson laid out and being checked on by AEW doctors and officials.

FTW Championship
HOOK (C) vs. Shane Taylor

Backstage, Lexy Nair is standing by with FTW Champion HOOK and Katsuyori Shibata. Shibata says he’ll have HOOK’s back tonight if Shane Taylor Promotions try and get involved. HOOK says he appreciates it but is going to go it alone.

Shibata uses his voice translator app to say “Bet.” They pound it out and we head back inside the arena. Shane Taylor’s theme hits and he makes his way to the ring for our first match of the evening. His theme dies down and HOOK’s bat symbol flashes on the ceiling.

The sounds of Action Bronson hit the arena and out comes the reigning and defending FTW Champion. The bell sounds and we’re officially off-and-running with this one. HOOK goes to grab Taylor and pop the hips but Taylor avoids it and pounds on the back of HOOK.

We see things spill out to the floor, where the leader of Shane Taylor Promotions continues to dominate the early action. Back inside the ring, Taylor starts talking trash as he continues to dominate what has been a one-sided affair in the first few minutes of this one.

After a few more minutes of this same pattern continuing, we see HOOK explode out of nowhere for a comeback where he is finally able to hoist up and launch the big STP leader with a t-bone suplex. He hits another and goes for the cover, but Taylor kicks out and takes over again.

He hits a chokeslam and follows up with another big spot for a close near fall attempt. HOOK takes back over again, this time finishing things off with his Red Rum finisher for the win. With the victory, he retains his FTW Championship.

Winner and STILL FTW Champion: HOOK

AEW International Championship Eliminator
Roderick Strong (C) vs. Rocky Romero

Backstage, Lexy Nair is standing by with Rocky Romero ahead of his AEW International Championship Eliminator bout against The Undisputed Kingdom’s Roderick Strong. Kyle O’Reilly walks in and wishes him luck. Romero thanks him. We head to a commercial break.

When we return from the break, Roderick Strong’s theme hits and out he comes with fellow members from The Undisputed Kingdom, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett and Wardlow. His music dies down and the theme for his opponent, Rocky Romero hits. Out comes Romero.

The bell sounds and we’re officially off-and-running with this one. We see Romero get off to a good start. As Strong takes back over, we head into a mid-match commercial break. When we return, Romero gets competitive again, prompting the other members of The Undisputed Kingdom to start getting involved.

Romero takes out two of them with back-to-back dives through the ropes on opposing sides of the ring. Back inside the squared circle, we see Romero hit a float-over cutter off the top-rope for a close near fall. Moments later, however, Strong pulls off the win. After the match, Kyle O’Reilly comes down and congratulates him and then checks on Romero.

When Romero gets up, Wardlow runs him over with a big clothesline. Taven and Bennett join in on the attack, which O’Reilly heads over and breaks up. This leads to Strong taking O’Reilly out with a flying knee. He leans down and says something to him off-mic.

Winner: Roderick Strong

ROH Women’s Championship
Athena (C) vs. Red Velvet

It’s main event time!

But first, we head backstage where Lexy Nair talks briefly with Serena Deeb. Deeb has some big talk for the women’s division before we head to another commercial break.

As we settle back in from the commercial break, Tony Schiavone sends things to Lexy Nair, who begins the formal ring introductions for our main event of the evening. First up, the ROH Women’s World Champion Athena is introduced and out she comes with Billie Starkz. She settles in the ring and her music dies down.

Now Lexy Nair introduces the challenger, straight out of yo momma’s kitchen, Red Velvet. She makes her way to the ring to a good crowd reaction. She settles in the ring as well and the bell sounds to get our final match of the evening officially off-and-running.

After some back-and-forth action early on, we see Athena settle into the early offensive lead. The commentators mention next Saturday will be an AEW double-header once again, and with it being on 4/20, we learn that WWE Hall of Fame legend Rob Van Dam will be returning for the show.

We head to a mid-match commercial break with the ROH Women’s Champion in a comfortable offensive lead. When we return, we see much of the same, but not for long as Velvet starts to fire up for a big comeback. She hits several big spots and goes for multiple super close near falls, but in the end, Athena hits a wild top-rope finisher for the pin fall to retain.

Once the match wraps up, Billie Starkz heads into the ring to join Athena in her celebration. Per orders of the champ, she heads over to begin a post-match beat down of Velvet. Velvet actually strikes first and knocks down Athena. She does the same to Starkz, but then Athena knocks her down and the two-on-one assault begins.

Queen Aminata runs down to make the save. She lays out the champ and leaves her laying. That’s how the tenth AEW Battle of the Belts special event goes off the air. Thanks for joining us!

Winner and STILL ROH Women’s Champion: Athena