AEW Dark Elevation Results – September 5, 2022

AEW Dark Elevation Results – September 5, 2022

Julia Hart vs. Alice Crowley

Julia Hart stares down Alice Crowley to start, Crowley seems a touch unnerved before they tie up. Hart forces things into a corner then we get a clean break from Hart but Crowley avoids a corner attack and lands strikes of her own but Hart slams her down by the hair then hits a standing moonsault.

Crowley lands an elbow but runs into a superkick. Hart with her usual corner offense, Crowley tries a back suplex but Hart flips through and lands another superkick then a northern lariat followed by Heartless to get the submission win.

Winner By Submission: Julia Hart

Tag Team Match
Tony Nese & Josh Woods vs. Jordan Kross & Renny D

Jordan Kross & Tony Nese start things off, Nese backs Kross into a corner and hits a cheap shot then lands some kicks and a sweep to Kross. Josh Woods tags in and Kross takes some corner offense.

Nese tags back in and Kross takes more abuse then tries to fight back with punches but Nese isn’t impressed then tags in Woods. Macho Man hot shot from Nese & Kross bounces back into a bridging German suplex from Woods & Renny D breaks up the pin.

Nese ejects Renny then hits a dive while Woods lands a knee strike to Kross, then their Angle Slam and neckbreaker finisher connects to get the victory.

Winners: Tony Nese & Josh Woods

Serena Deeb vs. Nikki Victory

Serena Deeb argues with the ref Aubrey Edwards about taking her robe off then tries a cheap shot but Nikki Victory sees it coming and unloads with corner offense then hits a crossbody off the top rope and Deeb rolls out of the ring.

Baseball slide from Nikki then they head back into the ring but Nikki takes too long and Deeb hits a couple of dragon screws through the ropes to start working the leg of Nikki. Deeb still wont take off her robe hits a spinning neckbreaker for a 2 count. Chops from Deeb then an uppercut and the robe finally comes off.

Deeb with a takeover then grabs a modified Muta Lock. Some pie faces from Deeb then she avoids a punch from Nikki and lands a clothesline. Deeb locks in the Serenity Lock but Nikki avoids it and lands strikes but then Deeb grabs a modified sunset flip, rolls through and wrenches on the old inverted Palo special & Victory had no choice but to tap out.

Winner By Submission: Serena Deeb

Tag Team Match
Private Party vs. JDX & Brandon Gore

Isiah Kassidy & JDX start us off, Marq Quen blind sides JDX and they start laying into him with some tandem moves. Quen is legal now and misses a meteora in the corner then both men tag out.

Brandon Gore comes in with clotheslines to Kassidy, but Quen hits him with a dropkick. JDX takes out Quen with a back elbow only for Kassidy to respond with a silly string DDT.

Matt Hardy heads to the entrance ramp and stands there on the stage watching the match. Quen tags in, Kassidy sets Gore on the top rope then Gin & Juice gets Private Party the win.

Winners: Private Party

After the match Hardy gives his approval from the entrance stage and indicates he’s still watching Private Party.

Skye Blue vs. Diamante

Diamante with a go behind, Blue counters into one of her own then grabs a crucifix pin for a 2 count then grabs an arm wringer. Diamante escapes and lands a back elbow. Blue avoids a corner charge and rolls her up for another 2 count. Some strikes from Diamante. Blue winds up on the apron but Diamante shoulder blocks her to a prone position then hits a baseball slide to drop her to the floor.

Back in the ring now and Diamante starts targeting the lower back with knee strikes. Blue tries to fight back with strikes, Diamante is happy to strike with her then lays in some corner offense but misses a basement dropkick. They trade strikes now with Blue getting the better of things then hits a headscissors takedown.

Knee strike from Blue then a drop kick for a 2 count. Blue sets up a superkick but Diamante avoids it and hits a couple of German suplexes then has to fight for the third but hits it with a bridge and gets a 2 count. Blue lands a superkick, Diamante responds with an elbow but Blue catches a running Diamante with a twisting flatliner to get the win.

Winner: Skye Blue

Tag Team Match
Beast Of Burdens vs. Madison Rayne & Queen Aminata 

Madison Rayne & Marina Shafir start us off, Shafir with a quick trip then a hip throw as Rayne tries a go behind. Another sweep from Shafir and she pokes at Rayne with her foot. Rayne lands an elbow and grabs a side headlock then lands a few strikes out of the corner and hits a dropkick. Vickie Guerrero distracts Rayne, allowing Shafir to land a front kick to the face and tag out.

Nyla Rose goes after Rayne and hits a senton leading to Queen Aminata breaking up the pin. Rayne scoots away from Rose and tags in Aminata. Elbow by Aminata but Rose isn’t impressed and lays in strikes then hits a scoop slam and a jumping leg drop. Rose distracts the ref so Shafir can choke out Aminata for a bit, then Shafir tags in.

Shafir lays in elbows then a kick to the back. Aminata avoids a uranage and hits a flatliner to put both women down. Shafir tags out then blocks a splash from Rose and tags out. Rayne tries to strike with Rose, this doesn’t go all that well until she hits an enziguri and tries a pendulum DDT but Rose tosses her off then counters a sunset flip and clubs Rayne down with an elbow. Shafir tags in and their 3D DDT finisher gets the win.

Winners: Beast Of Burdens