AEW Dynamite Results – October 16, 2019

AEW Dynamite Results – October 16, 2019

It’s time for Episode three of AEW Dynamite. This week we are in Philadelphia, PA at Temple University and how will The Inner Circle react to being driven from the ring last week? How will Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega’s feud intensify? Will the Young Bucks ever win a match? Let’s go!!!

Our announcers are Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone. Right away we get SCU coming to the ring and the Lucha Brothers attack Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. Pentagon Jr. hits Daniels with a pocket piledriver on the entranceway and Fenix is attacking Kaz. Scorpio Sky runs in for the save and Daniel is not moving. Daniels is taken out on a stability board. The crew announces Daniels can’t wrestle and Scorpio states he can.

Then, the Best Friends come to the ring, Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta.

AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament FIRST ROUND: Best Friends vs. SCU.

The match begins with Kaz and Taylor. Kaz starts by hammering away at Taylor and driving him to the corner. He whips Taylor to the opposite corner and Taylor escapes, whips Kaz into the corner and tags in Trent. Trent knocks Sky off the apron and the Best Friends double team Kaz, with Taylor tossing Kaz into a leaping bulldog and Trent covers for a two count.

Taylor hits a pile driver and Trent hits a knee strike for a two count broken up by Sky. Kaz rolls out of the ring and the Best Friends double team Sky and Trent nails a back release German Suplex. Taylor then bits the toes of Sky as the announcers advise that Sky didn’t have time to put on his boots. He rolls out and the Best Friends start to work over Kaz outside the ring. The toss him from the barricade tot her ring and back, and then Trent hits a running stomp followed by a strike and then a spear.

They toss Kaz in the ring and beat him down in the corner. Kaz tries to fight his way out of the corner, but is stopped as the Best Friends hit an assisted suplex from top where Trent was on Taylor’s shoulders. This leads to a two count. Crowd chants that it is awesome. The Best Friends work Kaz over in the corner some more. Kaz is able to fight his way out fo the corner for the tag to Sky.

Sky takes the Best Friends down with a series of clotheslines and kicks, then throws Taylor reverses a toss into the ring, and Sky leaps up on his returns and stops Taylor in the back. Sky is brought down with a cheap shot from the outside. Taylor attempts to leap onto Sky, but Sky gets out of the way and nails Trent instead. Kaz then hits a Hurancanrana on Taylor from over the top rope. Sky then leaps over the top rope onto the Best Friends.

Sky gets his missing tennis shoe tossed back and when Trent gets into the ring, Kaz hits an assisted DDT for Sky to get a two count. Tent is tossed into the cornet, flips to the top and back into a shoulder tackle. Sky tags in Kaz for a body slam, but Kaz indicates a bad back before the two count. Best Friends get a blind tag and then hit Kaz with a Soul Food. The Best Friends go to hug and Sky interdicts with punches. The Best Friends hit Sky with knee strikes and Sky rolls out of the ring.

Now we get the Best Friend hug. They then nail Kaz with the Doomsday Knee from the top fort a two count.

Trent pulls Kaz to the ring apron outside the rope and the move is interrupted by Sky who tosses Taylor into the railing, Kaz is able to reverse and back drop Trent to the apron. He power bombs Trent and Sky hits a drop kick on the fallen Trent for the three count.

Your winner: SCU!

They show replays of the big moves and put over Scorpio Sky as making himself a star tonight. Kaz continues to sell his back injury.

Commercial time and we get the entrance of our unknown challengers, John Silver and Alex Reynolds

We’re back for Santana and Ortiz to come to the ring.

Ortiz and Santana vs. Silver and Reynolds

We start with Santana and Silver starting off, and Santana knocks Reynolds off the apron with a pump kick. Santana nails Silver with a kick to the side of the head and then a diving back elbow in the corner. Santana tags in Ortiz, they hit a double team move on Silver and Santana dives through the ropes feet first into Reynolds. The announcers push upcoming shows.

Silver gets stomped down in the corner by Ortiz. Ortiz would hit a move and then play to the crowd. They hit the Street Sweeper on Silver for the three count.

Your winners, Santana and Ortiz!

A pure squash match.

Santana and Ortiz celebrate in the ring. As they head to the back, Jericho shows on the Tron. He says they that are angry street thug who will pick your pocket and kick your ass. And they want to beat the Young Bucks. The Bucks have never been in a fight like this before. This will happen at Full Gear, and if the Bucks accept, they will get their asses kicked as Santana and Ortiz yell that they are the best.

A video package of Brandi informing Cody what he’s got coming up, but Cody is preoccupied. Brandi then tells us about Cody’s passion for the title and we show Cody’s prep. DDP explains how driven Cody is . Cody’s mom Michelle talks about how driven he is. LJF puts over Cody as he needs to show leaving The Other Place wasn’t a mistake. JR sets the stage. Tony Schiavone and other keep talking about how important the title match is. This was a nice training montage as people put over the importance fo the match and who Cody is.

Time for commercials.

We come back to Dr. Britt Baker on her way to the ring and it’s a Women’s Title match. Riho is next to the ring and the announcers explain she has a 3 and 0 record and a 5 and 0 record overall.

AEW Women’s Champion Riho vs. Dr. Britt Baker.

Britt has a black eye from what Bea Priestley has done. The crowd is chanting or Riho. They tie up into a clean rope break. They tie up again and Baker hits an arm drag take down. Riho gets a waistlock into a take down Baker is able to take control and Riho gets into the ropes for a break. Baker takes Riho down again and tries to cinch in Lockjaw and Riho tries to fight out of it and again gets to the ropes.

They trade blows with Riho outside the ropes on the apron. Riho goes to the top and Baker tries takes control and they grapple at the top. Riho pushes Baker off, hits a Diamond Cross Body but Baker rolls through for a two count. Riho bridges out and hits a drop kick. Riho attempts a body slam, but Baker reverses, Riho lands into a waist lock and Baker gives a back elbow out of it. Riho hits a Kasadora into a stomp on Baker’s back. Riho follows up with a knee in the corner and a slam on Baker. Riho to the top rope and Baker avoid the stomp from the top. Baker follows with a Sling Blade.

Baker tries to hoist Riho up, but she escapes, hits a few blows but is stopped by Baker hitting a TKO. Baker then hits a drop kick for a two count. Baker tries for a stomp and Riho reverses for a two count. Baker escapes but is rolled up for another two count. Riho tries for a roll up again, but Baker is able to hit a swinging fisherman’s neck-breaker. Baker kicks Riho for a two count. Riho is able to escape, get a few slaps in and then a Northern Lights Suplex into a bridge for a two count.

Riho hooks in a single leg crab on Baker. Baker is dragged back to the center when she gets near the ropes. Baker crawls to the ropes ans Riho jumps to the top rope for a double stomp into a two count. Riho follows up with a double knee strike for another two count. Riho misses another knee strike and Baker hits a ripcord. Baker follows with a spinning take down and then puts on Lock Jaw. Riho is able to push backward push Baker’s shoulders to the mat to get a three count on Baker fort the win.

Winner: Riho

They shake hands and Riho leaves the ring as we go to commercials.

When we return, we get an update letting us know that Daniels is OK.

Jungle Boy and and Marco Stunt come to the ring and we are filled in that :Luchasaurus won’t be here tonight, as Mike Johnson broke earlier. Private Party is in the ring scouting for next week’s match. The Lucha Bros are next to the ring. They followed closely by commercials.

AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament FIRST ROUND: The Lucha Brothers vs. Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt.

We come back to Stunt and Pentagon in the ring. I have never seen Stunt before and next to Pentagon, he looks like a 12 year old kid. Pentagon treat hims like one two and shoves him down. Stunt stand tall and does the Floss dance. Pentagon takes a glove off and throws it at Jungle Boy, who comes in the ring. Stunt leaps onto Jungle Boy’s shoulders and is toss into Pentagon who gets taken down with a Hurricanrana. Fenix then enters and kicks Jungle Boy in the face.

Stunt dodges a hit, comes back or a Deja Vu on Pentagon and then a DDT on Fenix. Pentagon tries to hit Jungle Boy who rolls into a DDT of his own. Jungle Boy gets on the second rope and Stunt does a Tope through the ropes followed by a Back flip off the second rope by Jungle boy. They toss Pentagon into the ring and Jungle Boy slams Stunt onto the fallen Pentagon for a two count.

Jungle Boy finally tags in and hit a German suplex on Pentagon after a 619 by Stunt for a two count. Stunt gets tagged in and gets tossed into a kick by Pentagon. Jungle Boy tries an attack and is popped up and over onto the top turnbuckle. Fenix tags in tries a rolling attack and gets a pump kick from Jungle Boy for his trouble. Fenix hits an enziguiri on Stunt and a rolling arm drag on Jungle Boy. Fenix hits a No Fear with help from Pentagon, leaving Pentagon in the ring with Stunt. Pentagon his a pump handle driver for a two count.

Pentagon beats down Stunt as we go to commercial. We have screen in screen as the beatdown continues.

When we get back, Stunt is able to dodge some attacks and is able to hti a blow on Pentagon for both of them to be int o the middle of the ring to struggle to tag. Stunt tags in Jungle Boy and Fenix gets tagged in right after. Jungle Boy is able to take down both of the Lucha Brothers. Stunt recovers enough to dive through the ropes onto Pentagon and Jungle Boy hits a backwards body slam and a back flip knee strike on Fenix. Stunt hits a 450 splash from the top followed by Jungle Boy hitting and standing moonsault for a two count.

Pentagon recovers and hits a Destroyer over the back of Fenix on Jungle Boy, and Fenix nails Stung, who was on the top rope for another move. Fenix tags in Pentagon and Stunt gets spun by his hari and tossed to the mar. Pentagon puts in the arm breaker and snaps in. Then they hit Zero Mercy on Stunt. Fenix leaps onto Jungle Boy on the floor and Pentagon pins Stunt for the three count. .

Your Winners, The Lucha Brothers.

Commercial time for the PPV coming up,.

We got right into the entrance for Pac after a quick title card for the PPV. Mox then comes to the ring. He is overall 1 and 0 as they do show people’s records on their name bug on the screen. Mox is shown from earlier today talking about how he should not be written off and he is the top of the food chain. We go to commercials as JR tells us this is the main event. Does that mean our street fight will be an unsanctioned match or something?

When we get back, Hangman Page is on his way to the ring. When he is done, Kenny Omega comes out to a monster pop. Omega is 2 and 3. No mop or broom this week, through. Mox is staring at Omega as he comes to the ring. Omega and Mox jawjacks in the middle of the ring as the ref keeps them apart.

Jon Moxley & PAC vs. Adam Page & Kenny Omega.

Just so you know, this will probably be an all out brawl, so breaking it down move by move won’t be possible.

They start by attacking at the bell with Mox and Omega inside the ring and Page and Pac outside the ring. Omega is in control, working over Mox in the corner. Mox reverses and then they trade blows back and forth. Mox hits a clothes line and then gets in the mounted position as Mox rains down blows on Omega. Page nails Mox from behind. Pac then comes in and beats on Page, tossing him to the outside and turning his attention toward Omega in the corner.

After a few blows, Omega is able to go over the top for a bulldog. Pac muscles Omega to the corner and Mox comes in and continues the beat down. Mox takes down Omega with a snap mare for a two count. Mox continues to stomp and kick Omega. Omega starts to fight own but then Mox hits a Kitchen Sink to drop Omega. Omega is able to roll over and bring in Page. Page knocks down Pac,, hits Mox and then leaps over the top rope with a cross body onto Pac outside the ring. Page runs to the top rope and leaps off the top for a clothesline on Mox for a two count.

He tries to hit Dead Eye on Mox, but they are into the ropes and Mox escapes to over the top and onto the apron. Page knocks Mox off with a kick and goes to the top. Pac distract Page and the ref and Mox pushes Page off the top onto the floor. They go picture in picture for commercials and he beat down of Page continues.

We’re back and Page is being pinned by Mox for a two count. Mox puts Page into a modified forward sharp shooter and it’s broken up by Omega attacking Mox. Pac tossed Omega out of the ring and Page is able to mount a comeback and he takes Mox down with a clothesline.

They struggle to tag,in, Page tags in Omega and and Pac is tagged in as well. Omega attacks violently, taking control of the match.. They battle back and forth, but Omega is able to hit his rolling power bomb with a leap off the ropes into a two count.

Omega does the hand across the throat motion, starts the Snapdragon Suplex on Pac, but Mox comes in and takes one instead. Omega hits one on Pac and then another on Mox again. He strikes the Terminator pose and he follows with the dive on Pac outside the ring/. Mox spears both Omega and Pac by going through the second rope to the floor. This is followed by a Page Moonsault onto everyone from the top.

They toss Pac into the ring, tag in Page and then leap onto Pac in the corner one after the other. Omega then hits Pac with a buckle bomb, into a strike by Page into a Power Bomb by Omega followed by a standing moonsault by Page for a two count which Mox breaks up.

They all hit quick moves on each other with the sequence ending with Page leaping onto Pac outside the ring. We then get Mox and Omega head to head in the middle of the ring. They battle back and forth with blows, knees and head butts. Mox is able to turn Omega inside out with a clothesline

The plunder comes out with Mox having a barbed wire bat and Omega having a barbed wire broom. Pac enters the ring and attacks Omega and goes for the broom. Pac tosses the plunder outside the ring and the crowd boos. Mox rewards Pac with a DDT and flips him off, leaving the ring. Page comes in and hits a Buckshot lariat onto Pac and Omega nails Pac with a V Trigger. Page hits a Dead Eye for the three count on Pac/.

Your winners, Page and Omega. Happy Birthday Kenny Omega!

Excalibur tells us not to leave since the NEXT match is our main event and we go to commercials. Guess JR was wrong. Geez, people, do you have any idea how fast I have to type to keep up, and I can’t deal with mistakes!

We come back with a preview of next week’s show running down the matches.

And now, Our Main Event with TV TIME REMAINING. It’s a Philly Street Fight for the AEW Championship.

Darby Allin comes to the ring with his skateboard. Jericho, the Painmaker is on his way to the ring. Alone for now. For now. We get ring introductions and it’s time for the match.

AEW Champion Chris Jericho vs. Darby Allin in a Street Fight.

Allin come out with a shotgun dropkick and he takes control of the match with blows and then tosses Jericho out of the ring. Jericho takes a spear from Allin through the bottom rope. They return to the ring and Jericho takes control beating down Allin in the corners.

Allin looks out on his feet as Jericho tries a back body drop and Allin revives and peppers Jericho with hits and kicks. Allin finishes the sequence with a flip into a pin, Jericho escapes and hits Allin to take over. He starts beating down Allin and then tosses him into the ring post through the ropes to the floor.

And we get commercials!! Just so you know I actively hate the Limu Emu ads. Hate them liie poison like they say in westerns.

We come back to Jericho standing over Allin with a Kendo stick. Allin is tossed into the ropes and takes a stick to the midsection and the announcers say he may have a couple of cuts. Jericho attempts to leap off the second rope turnbuckle with the stick and is instead hit in the midsection. Allin starts punching Jericho as Jericho covers up. Jericho tries to fight out, but Allin gets him in the crucifix and for the two count.

As Jericho recovers, Allin has the stick and starts beating Jericho with it. Allin misses Jericho, but is able to roll Jericho up for a quick one count, he is tossed into the rope and spring back for a two count on Jericho. Allin then puts in an arm bar, but Jericho transitions to the walls of Jericho. Allin gets a rope break and Jericho breaks with a stomp on Allin. Jericho has a bloody forehead.

Allin hits Jericho with the stick in the head as Jericho was talking to the ref and Allin follows up with a cross body for a two count. As they get up, Jericho hits the double knees for a two count stopped by a rope break. Jericho goes for a chair and the announcers say that Allin was preparing and Jericho took the match lightly. Jericho answers by hitting Allin in the back with the chair. Jericho wedges the chair in the turnbuckle. Jericho tries to lawn dart Allin but he reverses into a stunner for a two count.

Jericho recovers for the Lion Tamer into the Boston crab. Allin struggles to the ropes for the break. Jericho grabs gaffers tape from under the ring and her hog ties Allin with the tape. Allin gets up, hands behind his back. Jericho starts beat and tossing him around. Allin is able to dodge a blow, hits a Lion Tamer like move of his own off the middle rope for the two count.

Allin hit a shotgun drop kick to put Jericho out of the ring, and Allin leaps onto him. They get back in the ring and Allin climbs to the top for a leap onto Jericho for a two count. Allin gets in a pair of kicks and Jericho drops him with a clothes line. Jericho brings in the skateboard and body slams Allin onto him for a two count. Jericho swings with a chair and Allin kicks the chair into Jericho’s face.

Allin heads to the top and Jake Hager comes out of nowhere, hits Allin, dropping him tot he mat. Jericho locks in the walls of Jericho and Allin has to submit.

Your winner, Chris Jericho!

The Inner Circle comes to the ring for a Little Bit of the Bubbly and we end the show and go into the rerun.