AEW Dynamite Results – October 23, 2019

AEW Dynamite Results – October 23, 2019

It’s time for week 4 of AEW as we get the tag team final four, Pac is gunning for revenge on Jon Moxley, and plaid scarves are considered cool.

We’re at the Peterson Event Center in Pittsburgh, PA, and we are in the ring for introductions for Private Party and The Lucha Brothers. Our announcers are Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur.

Private Party vs. The Lucha Brothers – AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament Semi-Final.

Quin and Fenix start, and after they tie up, we get some nice leaping moves with no one getting hit to show off their abilities. Quin is able to get a leaping head scissors followed by a high drop kick on Fenix. Pentagon kicks Quin from the outside and Fenix kicks Cassidy to the floor after hitting Quin with a release German Suplex.The Brothers double team Quin, but Quin escapes and hits a drop kick on both to tag in Cassidy, they hit a double team, but Fenix is able to deliver kicks to each individually. Private Party hits a pair of combination moves on Fenix and play to the crowd as Fenix goes to the floor. Quin uses the rope to leap out of the ring onto Fenix. Inside the ring, Cassidy is able to hit an enziguri. Private Party then hits a Silly String, and Quin nails a 450 splash for a two count on Pentagon. They bring Pentagon to their corner, he fights out and tosses Quin to his corner, where he is hit with a kick.

Fenix then leaps from the top to stomp on Quin’s back. The Brothers double team Cassidy, who has come in, and they hoist Quin onto Cassidy’s shoulders for a drop kick onto Quin and a Poisonrana. Fenix tags in and then back-flips off of the ropes onto Cassidy on the outside. Pentagon nails Quin for a two count. As Quin gets to the ropes, Fenix slaps him. The Brothers work over Quin, who gets a boot up, and then fights out of their corner. Fenix hits a Hurancanrana, but Quin cartwheels out of it to his corner for a tag. Cassidy comes in with a Rana of their own. Cassidy goes to the floor and sweeps Pentagon off the apron to the floor, then slides in for an in ring Tope. He leaps outside the ring for a moonsault on Pentagon and then dives into the ring for a crucifix on Fenix only for a two count.

After the kick out, both Fenix and Cassidy recover. Cassidy recovers first, tags in Quin. They toss Fenix to the ropes and he uses a modified 619 to get control, but Quin hits a modified stunner, followed by Cassidy kicking Fenix in the face. Party then flips Quin over while holding Fenix’s head, Cassidy then does a tornado over the top rope onto Pentagon. Quin nails a 450 on Fenix for a two count.

Fenix recovers, nails Quin, and then slams Cassidy to the mat and starts pounding him from a standing position. Quin tries to help his party, and is pulled up by Fenix who is able to hit a Glory Bomb on Quin and a leg drop on Cassidy in the same move. Fenix crawls to his corner and tags in Pentagon, who leap frogs Quin before a sling blade on Quin. He then power bombs Cassidy onto his knee. The Brothers start to set up for the package power bomb, but Quin rolls out to escape.

Quin then nails Pentagon with a back-flip Enziguri. He leaps up to flip Fenix off of the top turnbuckle with Gin and Juice for the pin…but wait, Pentagon in the legal man. The scramble to go to Pentagon who has recovered and gets a couple of hits in, they set up for Gin and Juice again, but Pentagon is able to hit a Destroyer on Cassidy. Fenix runs across the rope to kick Quin, and then Pentagon holds Quin and snaps his arm.

Fenix nails another stomp on Quin’s back and then leaps out of the ring onto Cassidy. Pentagon rolls up Quin for the three count.

Your winners and moving forward in the tournament, The Lucha Brothers.

They celebrate in the ring as we get the highlights of the match. A high energy, high spot match the highlighted both teams. The Lucha Brothers simply overpowered Private Party.

We are shown Wardlow training and flexing.

When we come back, we are reminded of The Lucha Brothers attacking SCU, and are told Daniels will be out for 6 to 8 weeks. This is followed by Kaz and Scorpio Sky on their way to the ring, no antics, all business. Now, we get a brief package to introduce the Dark Order. The Dark Order comes to the ring with Creepers coming in with them. You know, creepy guys acting weird, not the kind of guys who keep asking women for their phone numbers after they say, “Get away from me, you creep!” The crowd is chanting for SCU as the match begins.

SCU vs. The Dark Order – AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament Semi-Final.

We start with Kaz and Stu Grayson. They trade blows and arm drags. Grayson complains to the ref about a rope break and Uno comes in as well, and then hits Kaz, which causes Sky to enter as well. The ref pushes Sky out of the ring, and the Order double teams Kaz. Eventually, Grayson leaves the ring and Kaz fights back against Uno, who is billed as weighing 220. Maybe he’s on the Blow Away diet.

Sky is tagged in and hits a high kick on Uno for a two count. Uno fights back and charges Sky into his corner. They double team Sky and Grayson nails Sky with a weird looking clothesline for a two count. Sky is up and fights out with clotheslines. Sky hit a leaping double foot stomp on Grayson’s back before tagging in Kaz. SCU works over Grayson in the corner and then gets a two count. Sky tags in and Grayson ducks a clothesline and kicks Sky. Sky is knocked into the ropes and Uno pulls down the top rope so that he flies to the floor. Kaz tries to get in and is restrained by the ref. Uno works over Sky outside the ring and tosses him head first into the steel steps. Sky is tossed back into the ring for a two count and its commercial time.

We have picture in picture showing movies, movies, Movies! That TNT will be showing. Dark Order keeps beating down Sky, who can’t tag in the small window.

When we get back, Sky is still being beat down by the Dark Order. Grayson struts and Sky tries to recover. Uno tags in, hits a suplex for a two count and then The Inner Circle have tickets to the show and they have arrived. Uno keeps beating on Sky, who finally escapes with a swinging neck-breaker. Sky and Uno struggle to tag, and when they do, Kaz is in hot and takes down both Dark Order members with clotheslines. Kaz then leaps off the middle rope with a leg drop on Grayson. Kaz then kicks Uno to the floor, nails another swinging neck-breaker onto Grayson for the two count.

Kaz hits a Okana roll on Uno, who has come into the ring, and when Grayson tries to attack, he grabs him for a suplex, pining both members of the Dark Order and gets a two count. Kaz climbs to the top for a splash, but Grayson leaps up to intervene but is toss to the mat. Kaz starts to jump, but Uno hits the ropes causing Kaz to fall. Sky comes in to help and the double team him and toss him onto Kaz in the corner. Grayson drags Kaz out for a pin and gets a two count. Uno tags in and hits a power bomb on Kaz for a two count.

They get Kaz up for a double Irish Whip and he slams them together to escape. He tags in Sky, and then hits Uno with a cutter. Sky comes in an nails Grayson with a cutter. Sky rolls through and SCU puts both members of the Dark Order into Dragon Sleepers. Grayson escapes by muscling through and pushing Kaz into Sky. Grayson gets on the top rope, walks over Uno, Sky and the Ref to hit Kaz, who rolls out of the ring leaving us with Uno and Sky. Sky fights his way out and while chasing Grayson into the corner, Grayson leaps over the Turnbuckle and onto Kaz on the outside. That was an incredible move, and one I haven’t seen before.

Back in the ring, Uno is able to slam Sky to the mat for a two count. The Inner Circle is cheering or jeering from their suite. The Dark Order sets up for the fatality, but Sky escapes, and Grayson is hit by a DDT from Kaz on the other side of the ring. They hit Uno and remove him from the ring and nail the SCU Later on Grayson and Sky covers for the three count.

Your Winners and advancing in the tournament, SCU!

Commercials play as SCU celebrates and the Inner Circle eats popcorn.

We come back to Joey Janella coming to the ring. They show highlights of the match from Fyter Fest against Moxley, and then the Dark match between him and Omega. Kenny Omega is next to the ring. They show highlights of his match winning the AAA Championship.

Joey Janela vs. Kenny Omega.

The bump fists and the match begins. They tie up and trade arm bars. Kenny takes control with a long arm bar on the mat, and Joey escapes to run the ropes. They fight wing Joey on the apron, and Kenny hits Joey to knock him to the floor. Omega leaps over the top onto to Joey and then Omega tosses Joey into the ring. The crown chant for Omega to fudge him up. Say Fudge because Mike censors me when I type f#$k. They don’t really say fudge, OK? There goes the TV14 rating.

Joey dodges a splash in the corner and takes control, tossing Omega into turnbuckles and hitting blows. Omega tries to toss Joey from the turnbuckle and Joey rolls through. Omega is tossed to the outside and Joey splashes from the top rope. He tosses Omega into the ring for a two count. Omega is able to take control as we go to commercial.

When we get back, Omega attempts a back-flip onto Joey only for Joey to get his knees up. They battle into the turnbuckle and Omega hits a Snapdragon suplex. Omega walks over for a second Snapdragon suplex. Omega tries for another, and Joey escapes with a back elbow and hits a suplex of his own on Omega. Joey goes up top for a flying elbow for a two count.

Joey sets Omega up on the top turnbuckle, and when he climbs up, Omega is able to lift him up and drop him, face first, on the turnbuckle. Omega follows with two more Snapdragon suplexes and gets a two count. Omega calls for the V tripper, but Joey sidesteps and hits Omega with a suplex instead. They trade blows until Omega hits a standing V Trigger. Joey follows by reversing Omega’s hold and it’s a Fisherman’s buster.

Joey recovers first, hits a massive clothesline into a two count. Omega rolls to the ropes to pull himself up and Joey climbs to the top and tries a rolling splash and when Omega rolls out of the way, Joey hits spine first on the apron. Omega rolls him into the ring, nails a V Trigger, followed by the One Winged Angel and we get a three count.

Your winner, Kenny Omega

We get a nice ad for upcoming week’s show! Go buy tickets!

Cody is up next, in his suit and ready to come to the ring as we go to commercial.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring to interview Cody and they have a PPV coming up in a couple of weeks, and Cody has a major announcement. Cody is trying to talk and the Inner Circle are using air horns to interrupt. Jericho grabs a microphone to interrupt. Cody tells him that unlike the other company, where there is an invisible wall between them. He can walk up to the suite where they can fight right here, right now.

Jericho tells Cody he should stay in the ring because he is an entitled millennial b!tch. Cody starts to come over the barricade, but Dustin’s music hits. Dustin is on his way to the ring. Jericho says it’s still four to two. Then, MJF’s music hits and he comes to the ring. Jericho says he’s not scared of someone wearing a scarf, I mean, who wears a scarf? We then get DDP’s music and he comes to the ring.

All four gather at ringside and hop the rail to head to the top. Jericho warns them not to come to the top and then they leave the area and lock themselves in the suite. Cody puts a fist through the window and drags Jericho out. That’s right, a brawl in the concourse! Staff try to restrain them, and Cody shoves Jericho’s head into the Dippin Dots, the Ice Cream headache of the future right here, folks.

Security tears them apart and Jericho screams not to mess with the Inner Circle while showing his tickets. Cody and his people are escorted out of the arena as we go to commercial.

We come back to the Best Friends in the ring, and the Young Bucks music hits as they come to the ring. As a reminder, I don’t do move by move for the Bucks, or the report would be the size of a Tom Clancy novel. As the Bucks pose, Orange Cassidy comes into the ring. The announcers say he is not impressed by them and he gives a tap kick to each of the Bucks to show he isn’t impressed, and they respond with a Super kick.

The Young Bucks vs. The Best Friends.

The Best Friends attack the Bucks and we end up with Nick and Trent in the ring together. Nick fights his way out, with a back flip onto Taylor on the outside and then a series of offense onto both of the Bets Friends. Matt is tagged in and they hit double team moves on Trent, and when both of the Best Friends are outside the ring, the Bucks do the Best Friends Hug.

The Bucks slide outside the ring and the Best Friends are able to take control, tossing them into the barricade and then hitting a Doomsday Knee onto Nick. They toss Matt into the ring and Trent follows. They mix it up, and Matt is able to hit a DDT on the Apron onto Taylor, who had just climbed into the apron. Matt stalks Cassidy until he is hit with a kick from inside the ring by Trent.

Trent tosses Matt into the ring for a two count. Matt is then clotheslined outside the ring as we go to commercial.

When we get back, Nick is calling for a 450 splash on Trent, but Trent rolls out of the way. Nick is suplexed into his corner and Matt comes in for a suplex. Nick gets in a kick on Trent, but he is able to hit Nick with another suplex and tags Taylor. Taylor hits suplexes as well on both Bucks. He follows up with a sliced bread on Nick and a power bomb on Matt for a two count. The Bucks recover and toss Taylor into the corner. He dodges the first attack and then tosses Nick into Matt. He grabs Matt for a Falcon Arrow for a two count.

Taylor got to the top, but Matt cuts him off at the pass. Trent then leaps into the mix and suplexes Matt to the mat. They hit Soul Food on Matt, and Matt rolls to the outside. Now the Best Friends Hug.

Orange Cassidy leaps onto the Bucks from the top turnbuckle with his hands in his pockets. Matt is tossed into the ring and the Best Friends hit Strong Zero for a two count, and Nick leaps from the top rope to break up the pin.. Nick leaps and Trent holds down the top rope for him to crash to the floor. Taylor tags in And puts Matt on his shoulders. Trent is able to hit the Doomsday knee, but Matt rolls through and Super Kicks to both of the Bets Friends. Nick joins him for more Super Kicks. Nick wipes out Trent with a leap over the top that nails Cassidy as well and it’s time for More Bang For Your Buck on Taylor and we get the three count.

Your Winners, The Young Bucks.

After the match Matt accepts Santana and Ortiz’s challenge from last week. We then get a short video package about Dr. Britt Baker and how this is her home town. Then, Jamie Hayter makes the way to the ring. She is followed by the huge pop for Dr. Britt Baker and the Steelers mascot.

Dr. Britt Baker’s Pittsburgh homecoming against STARDOM’s Jamie Hayter.

Hayter starts the match by attacking and pounding Baker. Hayter is able to knock Baker out of the ring, and the crown is huge in their cheers for Baker. Hayter pounds on Baker outside the ring. Baker is able to reverse the momentum with a sling blade on Hayter, and as she tosses Hayter into the ring, we go to commercial. We go screen in screen and Baker has control of the match.

We come back to Hayter with Baker in a headlock. Baker escapes and they trade heavy blows with the crowd cheering each hit by Baker and booing the hits by Hayter. Hayter is able to spin Baker around for a sleeper hold. Baker escapes with a fall away slam. Baker is able to get another sling blade followed by a two count.

Hayter gets another headlock and Baker tries a swinging neck breaks and Hayter reverses it into a slam for a two count. Hayter hits a running knee strike for another two count. They battle in the comer, but Baker is able to suplex Hayter off of the second turnbuckle. Baker tries for a ripcord, but Hayter slams Baker to the mat. As Baker tries to get up, Hayter gets a clothesline for a two count. Hayter runs off the ropes into a kick by Baker. Baker follows with a stunner and a swinging neck breaker for a two count.

Baker hits a Super Kick and Baker is able to put in the Lockjaw for the submission.

Your Winner, Dr. Britt Baker.

The announcers let us know next week we get SCU vs the Lucha Brothers for the tag team titles. They then give us a recap of the brawl between Cody’s team and Inner Circle. So, it’s time to give us the lineup for Full Gear. Coming up next is our main event.

Jen Decker is backstage with Jamie Hayter, and Hayter is attacked by Brandi Rhodes. Brandi looms over Jen and then walks away as we go to commercial.

When we come back, Mox is first to the ring. PAC then comes in and hits Mox in the back of the head with a chair before he is introduced. Pac then chokes Mox with a jacket as 10,000 people call him an a$$#0le. They brawl outside the ring and the refs try to break it up. I guess we’re started.

PAC vs. Jon Moxley.

The refs try to hold PAC back and Mox struggles to get to his feet. Mox makes it into the ring and the bell rings. PAC hits a step up Enziguri and goes up top for the Black Arrow and Mox rolls outside the ring.

PAC leaps over the top onto Mox. He tosses Mox back in the ring for a two count. PAC starts working Mox over and gets another two count. Mox recovers enough to grab PAC, drive him into the comer and stomp PAC down. Pac is able to get out and starts kicking Mox back to the mat for a two count. Now, it’s time for the final commercial break with picture in picture as we see PAC continue to beat down Mox.

When we get back, PAC has Mox on his knees to take kicks to the chest. PAC hits a standing shooting star press for a two count. Mark Madden gets a shout out from the announcers. They battle on the apron and Mox is able to bulldog PAC onto the apron and it looked like his head was spiked unto the mat. They roll into the ring and they trade blows. Mox is able to take over and hits clotheslines in the middle of the ring and in the corner. PAC is able to hit a pump kick, and the Mox turns PAC inside out with a clothesline. He gets a two count on PAC.

Mox goes for a Regal Knee and PAC escapes and rolls out of the ring. Mox follows up with a Tope Suicida. They return to the ring and Mox is able to hit a black hole slam for a two count. Mox pops up and hits the knee for another two count. Mox follows up with a cloverleaf on PAC with four minutes remaining. PAC is able to get a rope break.

Mox goes to the top and PAC kicks the middle turnbuckle to drop Mox down. PAC is able to hit a Falcon Arrow as they announce its three minutes left. And there is another two count. PAC drags Mox into position and climbs to the top to hit a Black Arrow, but Mox is up. Pac leaps out of the way and Mox is able to grab a quick schoolboy for a two count. Pac goes to the outside and pulls down the rope for a Low Bridge and Mox goes to the outside. As Mox tries to come back, PAC mule kicks him. PAC nails a 450 on the floor, throws Mox in the ring and goes up for the Black Arrow. Mox rolls out of the way, and PAC misses. The both struggle to get up with one minute remaining.

Mox gets a cover and a two count, and then he hits the Paradigm Shift with thirty seconds left. Mox covers with ten seconds left, and PAC kicks out and TV TIME EXPIRES.

No Winner, this is a draw.

Mox hits a stunner on the referee as we go to credits.