AEW Dynamite Results – September 23, 2020

AEW Dynamite Results – September 23, 2020

It’s Wednesday, it’s Daily’s Place, it’s Jacksonville Florida and it’s time for AEW Dynamite!

We start with a graphic paying tribute to Road Warrior Animal.

When we get to the arena, Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford come to the ring. Sabian has a mic and he tells us that it’s time for the in ring debut of The Best Man, Miro. Next out at Joey Janella and Sunny Kiss, and we get a picture in picture where Joey Janela says that the engagement is a bad idea, and they are on the express to victory.

Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss vs Kip Sabian and Miro

Sonny and Sabian start out by locking up in the greco roman knuckle lock. Sabian twists out of it and takes down Sabian with a pair of hip tosses and a leg scissors takedown. Sonny hits a handspring slap to Sabian in the corner and Sabian tags out to Miro. Sonny tags in Janela and Sabian tags back in. Janela is whipped into the ropes and Sunny gets a blind tag. Janela slides out of the ring and Sonny hits a high cross body and covers for a two count.

Kiss grabs Sabian’s arm and tags in Sabian, and he and Sonny hit a move and tag in and out until Sunny hits a standing moonsault for a two count. After a couple of double team moves, Miro is tagged in and he tosses Janela with a spinning power slam. Miro stands in the ring alone. Sabian is tagged in and starts working over Sunny in the corner. Sabian tags in Miro and Miro hits Sunny with a pair of gut wrench suplexes over his shoulder. He picks up Sunny and nails them with an uppercut and covers for a two count. Miro tags in Sabian who puntkicks Sunny and covers for the two count.

Sunny stretches for the tag, but Sabian holds them back from tagging in. Miro comes in the ring to distract the ref so that she doesn’t see the tag between Sunny and Janela. Miro tags in and works over Sonny some more. Sabian tags in and tries for a suplex, but Sunny turns it into a small package for a two count. They trade blows in the ring and Sunny is able to tag in after flipping over Sabian’s back.

Janela cleans house on Sabian, tries to knock Miro off the apron, and Miro no sells it, so Janela hits a kick to Miro’s leg. Janela goes to fight outside the ring, and Sabian and Miro work together to toss him over the barricade and Sabian leaps onto Janela, but Janela is able to counter and drop Sabian onto the concrete. Janela tries to leap onto Miro, but gets caught. Sonny is able to leap onto them, dropping Miro to the floor.

Back in the ring, Janela hits a trust kick on Sabian and covers for a two count. Sonny is tagged in, but as Janela goes to leap onto Sabian, Miro takes out Janela and then Sonny. Sabian leaps from the apron onto Sonny, but Sonny gets the boot up in time. Sabian stumbles to his corner where Miro tags in. Sunny tries to fight both of them, but Sabian hits a popup into a lung blower, and Miro covers for a two count, with Janela breaking it up at two. Miro tosses Janela out of the ring and Miro hits a leaping thrust kick to take out Sunny.

Miro claims it’s game over, stomps on Kiss and locks on the Camel Clutch for the submission.

Your winners: Kip Sabian and Miro

As they leave, Eddie Kingston storms his way to the ring and says to leave the hard camera on, and he is facing Moxley tonight for the championship. He was never eliminated from the battle royal, and that and 18 years is why he gets his shot. He never sold out like Moxley did. He calls Mox a sports entertainer and calls him out. Mox comes down from the crowd and charges to the ring.

They are head to head inside the ring and the refs show up to break it up and we go to commercial.

When we come back, the announcers run down the card for the night. Coming out to the announce table is Kenny Omega again, and they let us know that Kenny turned down a tag team match with Adam Page for this spot. Omega is out in a plain white t-shirt, which I had no idea any wrestler owns.

Coming to the ring is Evil Uno with most of the Dark Order. He goes to the ring and we are told he is from The Deep. No, I won’t make a reference to the old movie with Jacqueline Bissett, since none of you know what it is. The Dark Order stays on the stage as Hangman Adam Page comes to the ring.

Evil Uno vs Adam Page

On commentary, Omega says that the tag team part of him is dead. They tie up and Uno shoves Page to the corner where he breaks clean. They tie up again and Page keeps the wrist lock on until they run the ropes, Page staggers Uno, but Uno drops Page with their shoulder blocks. Page retaliates with a kick, puts Uno in the corner and slaps him, moves hyim to another corner, does the same thing, and Page hits a snap suplex for a one count. Page is able to elude a clothesline from Uno, lifts him up and drops him on the mat, face down.

Page picks up Uno and hits a back suplex, holds him for a two count and Uno is able to get up, and drop Page with a suplex. He works over Page in the corner. Page is able to flip Uno up and over the ropes, gives a running clothesline and then leaps out of the ring onto Uno on the floor. Page tosses Uno into the ring and Uno grabs the ref to keep Page from attacking him. Page goes for a kick, Uno grabs the leg, hands it to the ref who grabs it and Uno hits the handing neckbreaker.

I am breaking from writing up the match to say that in a serious match, I HATE HATE HATE that Three Stooges move.

Also, Omega as a nice guy jerk on commentary is all kinds of win for me.

Uno gets up on the top rope and lays, waiting for Page to get up and we go to picture in picture. In the small screen, Uno keeps up the attack on Page.

When we come back, Page is fighting his way back with chops. Uno hits a back elbow and knocks Page out of the ring. The Dark Order slowly moves in and Uno tells them to stay back. Colt Cabana moved with them, and now they all go to the back. Uno goes to attack and he is able to lift Uno and drop him on the apron. Page dodges two clotheslines and hits a fall away slam and a shooting star press and covers Uno for a two count.

Page hits a pair of clotheslines in the corner, but Uno hits a pump kick on Page and then hits a Senton Atomico and covers Page for a two count. Uno tries to set up for a power pomp, and Page shoves him off. They hit the clotheslines on each other at the same time. Page comes off the ropes with a blind side lariat, then a running shooting star press but Uno gets his knees up and rolls Page up for a two count. Page comes up and they do the leg bit again, but the Ref doesn’t hold the leg and Page hits a series of chops. Page hits a pop up power bomb and Uno kicks out at two.

Page sets up for the buckshot lariat, nails Uno and covers for the two count.

Your Winner: Adam Page

Omega leaves before Page turns around and we go to Tony interviewing the Young Bucks. He knocks on their door and Matt opens the door quickly and asks Tony if he flinches. Matt says that they should have never put their hands on Alex and kicks the ref. They will do better. He hopes that the people at home sympathize with them because they have lost a lot. He says they will do better and when Tony asks about FTR, Matt says to move on. Matt asks for Tony’s phone and he smashes it and hands it back to him. Matt says he feels terrible, hands Tony a wad of cash and goes back into the dressing room.

We go to commercials.

When we get back, Orange Cassidy is on his way to the ring. Next out is Dark Order with the Dark Order, and Uno is still reeling from his match. Lee glares at Cassidy and Orange stands outside the ring and doesn’t even look at him. The Dark Order surrounds the ring and when Cassidy takes off his jean jacket, he drops it on the head of John Silver., who throws it to the ground and stomps on itl. Cassidy then tosses his shirt in the same way and it gets stomped as well. Anna Jay gets on the apron to yell at Cassidy and he doesn’t care.

Mr. Brodie Lee (champion) vs Orange Cassidy

JR talks about how he would book the NBA finals.

Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets and does the light kicks. Lee stomps on Cassidy’s foot and drops him with a slap. Cassidy gets yup, dodges a clothesline and sends Lee out of the ring with a drop kick. Cassidy leaps into the Dark Order, and they catch him and hold him for Lee to leap onto ALL of them. Lee works Cassidy over on the outside of the ring and then tosses him into the ring.

Lee drops on Cassidy and covers for a two count. Lee bring Cassidy up and then chops him down. He kicks Cassidy out of the ring where the Dark Order swarms him. Lee drops to the floor and rolls Cassidy into the ring. Lee comes over the top with a senton and covers Cassidy for a two count.

Cassidy rolls out of the rings so that the Dark Order can attack again. Lee tosses Cassidy into the ring. Cassidy dodges a clothesline, goes for a swinging DDT and Lee stomps him. Cassidy runs into his again and Lee hits him with a Boss Man Slam and covers for a two count.

Lee beats down Cassidy more on picture in picture as we get commercials.

When we come back, Lee slingshots Cassidy into the bottom rope and then hits him with a half and half suplex. He follows with another half and half suplex. Lee picks up Cassidy and Cassidy drops to the mat. That happens twice, and the third time, Cassidy drops to avoid the clothesline. Lee goes for a stomp and Cassidy rolls Lee up for a pin. Cassidy whips him to the turnbuckles and tries to lift lee, but can’t. Lee picks him up and Cassidy goes out the back door and tosses him out of the ring. Cassidy hits two topes on Lee and rolls him back in the ring.

Three members of Dark Order try to attack, but Cassidy is able to turn it around on them, goes into the ring and Lee tries for a slam, and Cassidy turns it into a stunner. Cassidy goes to the top and hits a diving DDT on Lee. Both men are down and Cassidy is first to his feet. Cassidy hits a running kick to Lee twice and Lee is up. Lee goes for a swinging powerslam and Cassidy hits the swinging DDT instead.

Cassidy is able to lift Lee for the Beach Blast and a cover for a two count. Both men get up, Cassidy runs in for the Orange Punch, but Silver has come into the ring and takes it instead of Lee. Lee is able to hit Cassidy with a massive discus lariat and covers for the three count.

Your winner: Mr. Brodie Lee

The lights go out and it’s the New Look Cody, who has dyed his hair black and matching black suit. Lee leaves the ring and Cody is able to take down each member of the Dark Order as they come in to fight him one at a time. Cody stands tall as we go to commercial.

We come back to Mr. Brodie Lee with a mic in his hand backstage with Dasha. He says that the audacity for Cody coming back while he has been here doing the work. What kind of man sends another man to do his work, and mocks Cody for not being a man and being a coward. Lee is handed a chain and he says he will wrap the dog collar around his neck and he will have nowhere to run.

He says Cody has one week to answer him.

Matt Hardy, who two weeks ago said he was going away for a while, comes out to the ring with Private Party. We are told that whoever attacked him was wearing a mask. Matt talks about how he has been looking for whoever attacked him. He says someone hit him with a pipe or a bat and Jericho is the prime suspect. Matt puts over Private Party for their match last week, and Matt stumbles over his words a couple of times, and Jericho is on his way out.

Jake Hager, Santana and Ortiz come out and the announcers say it’s the entire contingent of the Inner Circle. No Sammy?

Jericho wishes Matt a Happy Birthday sarcastically. Jericho says that Sammy has been put out of AEW, but then announces that he’s back. Sammy comes out and hugs Jericho. Jericho says he didn’t hit Matt last week, but he can do it now. Matt says he can fight them all anytime. Marq Quen tells Matt to calm down and get healed up. Quen reminds Jericho that he laid him out last week, and Jericho yells FOR BEHIND! Isiah Cassidy tells him to chill and he says he’s got this. He then reminds Jericho that he almost beat him twice. He issues a challenge to Jericho for next week, one on one.

And he asks what if he makes Jericho his Le Champion b***h!

We get commercials at this point.

When we come back, Tony has FTR and Tully Blanchard in the ring. He puts over FTR as being the best tag team in the world. He says that world championship matches are 60 minutes, and he is now saying that their matches will be only 20 minutes so new fans can see them work. AND they get to pick the opponents. Next week will be SCU, and Tully acts as if they don’t know who they are and calls it a Brush with greatness. He says that if SCU doesn’t beat FTR in 20 minutes, FTR is considered the winner.

Dax says that the parking lot brawl was a backyard wrestling match, which brings out the Best Friends. Trent says last week was a war, they are here and they are ready for the 20 minute challenge right now. FTR accepts and they call for a referee.

After getting ready, Cash stops it and says that the Best Friends aren’t 100 % and maybe they can get a title shot when they are healed up. Best Friends say that FTR is running from the fight like a COUPLE OF WEENIES!! The Best Friends say that FTR did their move when they came out, but the Best Friends do it better. We get the Best Friends Hug and FTR leave the ring.

We get a video recap of what happened after Thunder Rosa and Ivelisse where Diamante attacked Rosa leading to this week’s match.

We come back to Ivelisse and Dimante coming to the ring. Out next is Thunder Rosa, followed by Hikaru Shida. Rosa’s face paint is a tribute to The Animal, who passed away today.

Thunder Rosa and Hikaru Shida vs Ivelisse and Diamonte

Ivelisse and Diamonte attack Rosa and Shida from behind and the bell rings.

All four women are fighting with Shida being double teamed in the ring leading to a two count after being hit with a back body drop.

Shida sets Diamante on the apron and Ivelisse intercepts the knee left from Shida.

Rosa and Shida are able to get the kick in on Diamante anyway

The match goes back in the ring, Shida slams Diamonte and tags in Rosa who gets slammed onto Diamante for a two count.

Rosa hits arm drags and a slam, and a sit out senton for a two count.

Diamante drives Rosa to their corner and tags in Ivelisse.

Diamante covers Rosa and the ref reminds her she’s not the legal woman in the match. Ivelisse mounts Rosa and starts attacking brutally.

Ivelisse hits Rosa with a slam and covers for a two count and we go to picture in picture.

Diamante tags in to keep up the attack on Rosa during the commercials.

Shida gets that tag and cleans house on the small screen.

We come back to Shida getting a two count on Diamante.

Diamante fights back and is able to tag out.

Diamante hits a Casadora into a stunner and Ivelisse hits a Casadora into the DDT and covers for a two count broken up by Rosa

Rosa hits a swinging neck breaker, and then is hit by Ivelisse

All four are in the ring and Rosa accidentally kicks Shida when Ivelisse escapes from Shida’s hold

Ivelisse hits a hook kick on Shida for the two count

Diamante is tagged in hits an assisted sliced bread #2 for a two count broken up by Rosa

Diamante sets up for Code Red, but Rosa hits her with a Death Valley Driver and Shida follows up with a Falcon Arrow and a two count.

Rosa and Ivelisse tumble out of the ring together.

Shida hits a tope. She covers Diamante for the three count.

Your winners: Hikaru Shida and Thunder Rosa

Backstage, Dasha asked Jericho about Cassidy challenging him. Jericho says he will be a big star some day, but not next week. MJF shows and says that Cassidy disrespecting him was deplorable. They praise each other again, and they go back and forth calling each other great and then say at the same time, why did you call me a loser.

They talk about how they both saw it. MJF says he was calling the limo drivers losers. Jericho says he was calling Tony Schiavone a loser.

Nice little callback to two weeks ago.

The announcers give a preview of the matches next week.

We get commercials previewing upcoming shows on TNT and food at fast food places.

When we come back, Eddie Kingston is on his way to the ring. He is quickly followed by Jon Moxley coming in from the parking lot.

Jon Moxley (champion) vs Eddie Kingston

They tie up and Kingston turns it into a headlock. Mox takes him down into a head scissors and Kingston is able to escape. They lock up in the Greco roman wrist lock and Kingston forces Mox down, but Mox is up and turns it into an arm bar. Kingston gets to the ropes and they break with slaps to each other. They trade chops until Mox peppers him with forearms. Kingston responds with an enziguri and a clothesline.

The fight goes outside the ring and Kingston goes after Mox’s ear. They brawl outside the ring and Kingston tosses the timekeeper’s table and we go to picture in picture. They trade control, still brawling outside the ring.

When we get back, they are back in the ring, Kingston has Mox in a submission headlock that Mox fights his way out of. They trade chops again, and Kingston’s chop drops Mox. Mox gets up and Kingston keeps chopping. Mox dodges a chop and clotheslines Kingston and both are on the mat. Mox hits a running knee and dives onto Kingston outside the ring and suplexes Kingston on the floor.

He tosses Kingston into the ring and Mox climbs to the top. Kingston recovers and Mox leaps over him, is able to grab him and starts kneeing him in the face. He follows up with a pile driver and covers Kingston, who puts a foot on the ropes to break at two.

Mox climbs the ropes onto Kingston in the corner, and Kingston grabs him and slams for a two count. They trade blows in the middle of the ring again. Mox ends it with a release German suplex, and Kingston follows with two backdrops and a cover for a two count. Eddie looks broken hearted as Mox kicks out.

Kingston attacks Mox in the corner, and when they come out of the corner, Mox blocks the back fist and takes down Kingston with a sleeper and then transitions to the bulldog choke and the Ref calls the match for Mox as Kingston passes out.

Your winner: Jon Moxley.

The Lucha Brothers show up and take out Moxley. Will Hobbs comes in the for the save, but the numbers game eventually works against him. Darby Allin’s music hits and he uses the skateboard to even the odds and clear the ring. Ricky Starks shows and spears Cassidy and the beat down starts with Taz coming out to direct traffic. The heels stand over the fallen babyfaces with Eddie Kingston holding Mox by the head.