AEW Star Dismisses Claims That The Company “Fell Off” Before Kazuchika Okada’s Debut

AEW star Eddie Kingston recently spoke with Steve Fall of for an in-depth interview covering all things pro wrestling. During the discussion, Kingston commented on the state of AEW in 2024:

“I still see it growing. I know a lot of people said, ‘Oh, AEW fell off,’ or whatever they say on the internet. Look, as long as I’m around, AEW is not falling off. We’ll be alright. As long as I’m able to wrestle and certain guys like Mox and other guys are still wrestling, AEW ain’t going nowhere, and it’s not going down nowhere.

I remember hearing someone say, ‘Oh, we’re back. We’re back. AEW is back’ after scumbag Okada debuted. I was just like, ‘I didn’t go anywhere. No one went anywhere. There’s no I’m back. We’ve been here.’ It’s not our fault you weren’t watching. We’re busting out asses still every day to put out great matches and great professional wrestling. So just because you guys went away doesn’t mean that we’re back [laughs]. We’ve been here. So no, I just see AEW growing and continuing to grow, and as long as I’m alive and kicking and able to get in the ring, AEW is gonna keep growing.”

You can check out the interview below:

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