AJ Styles Admits He Was “Expecting A Problem” When CM Punk Returned To WWE

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Regarding CM Punk’s return to WWE, AJ Styles stated the following during a WrestleMania 40 week interview with The Ringer Wrestling Podcast.

“I mean, if you know anything about AJ Styles and CM Punk, you would know that we really don’t care for each other. But if you want me to ruin everything that you think you know, I can. Past performance predicts future behavior, right?

Some over at AEW are my best friends – love ‘em, trust ‘em, know ‘em. And I was expecting a problem when [Punk] came here – and I was wrong. The guy looks like he’s happy to be here. He looks like a guy that I’d want to step in the ring with and tear the house down with.”

Styles is scheduled for a match against LA Knight at WrestleMania Sunday.

(quote courtesy of F4WOnline.com)