Arn Anderson Names His Mount Rushmore Of Pro Wrestling

(Photo Credit: AEW)

WWE Hall of Famer “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson recently appeared on an episode of his ARN podcast, where he talked about a number of topics including his Mount Rushmore of pro wrestling.

Anderson said, “Well, you have to go Flair, you have to. Anybody who doesn’t give [Hulk] Hogan credit for changing the marketing, and the way people view the business at that time, you you have to go there. I think you have to put Ricky Steamboat… I guess just because of — and to this day, he’s given credit for this contribution, selling. Ricky Morton.”

On why Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin didn’t make his lis:

“They were dominant. I mean, how do you not put Undertaker on every single list? But it’s just a different slant of what — I mean, here’s a guy, Ricky Morton who looked 12 years old, you know. But he would bring emotion into his selling and a match that no matter who the heels were, they had heat. And the fact that they were pounding on Ricky Morton, and the way he’s reeled the audience and, and had them ready to come over the rail. Grandmothers ready to come over the rail with a cane and help him. He was something special.”

“And today, if you ask a veteran, you know, ‘Who’s your number one pick from the best salesman in the business?’ Ricky wasn’t a power guy, he was the salesman. And to me, when young kids ask me, ‘What would be your advice to a young guy right now that’s trying to make his way in the business?’ And I always tell them, ‘Work on your selling.’ Because without that, we have nothing. If we don’t sell for each other, we have absolutely nothing to build a match or anything else on.”

You can check out the complete podcast in the video below.

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