Backstage Latest on Jonathan Gresham’s AEW and ROH Status

After requesting his release, Jonathan Gresham is apparently not included in any future AEW or ROH creative plans.

As previously mentioned, at the ROH Death Before Dishonor XIX pay-per-view on Saturday, Claudio Castagnoli defeated Gresham to win the ROH World Title. Later, it was revealed that ROH owner Tony Khan met with Gresham before the pay-per-view and heard some of his frustrations, mainly regarding Khan’s lack of contact with him and how he felt insulted as a result. Gresham reportedly “cussed out” Khan during the exchange before requesting his release.

Gresham was reportedly furious when he learned that Castagnoli’s match would not be given much time. According to reports, Gresham entered the meeting with Khan very agitated because he was also dissatisfied with the booking and direction of his character. It was claimed that Gresham’s recent heel turn and sudden joining of Tully Blanchard Enterprises (now The Embassy) were decisions made for the “bigger picture” of ROH. Gresham was reportedly highly dedicated to ROH, but his plans for the promotion didn’t correspond with those of Khan. Gresham was also frustrated that he was receiving no responses from ROH creative. Even though Khan and Gresham’s conversation took place in a private environment, it became so intense that everyone backstage, including staff and security, overheard the majority of what was said.

There are currently no AEW or ROH creative plans for Gresham, according to an update from Fightful Select. Both parties acknowledged that the exchange where Gresham requested his release was “getting heated” in private. The Gresham vs. Castagnoli match, according to AEW sources, went off well, and many people praised Gresham’s professionalism in continuing the match.

Gresham and Khan had a heated conversation, but it didn’t seem like any bridges were burned. Furthermore, there is no confirmation on Gresham’s release.

Prior to joining with AEW/ROH, Gresham reportedly received interest from “at least three companies,” but it was also claimed that his initial thoughts were that he was finished with professional wrestling for a while. For many of Gresham’s coworkers, his love of wrestling is too great for that to be true.

There has been no information about a connection between Gresham and Tully Blanchard leaving the company, and neither one of the other parties has shown any sign of being very committed to their on-screen relationship.

While Gresham’s Instagram is now up, he has yet to reactivate his Twitter account, which was deactivated after Death Before Dishonor.