Backstage News On Excalibur, AEW Dynamite Beats WWE RAW In 18-34 Demo

– After being absent from the last two episodes of AEW Dynamite, Dave Meltzer of is reporting that AEW commentator Excalibur is expected to return at the next tapings. Meltzer noted that “nobody has officially said anything but we were told he was flying to Jacksonville for next week’s television and unless things change would be back on the first show taped that airs on 8/12.” Excalibur’s name has not been mentioned on television and he hasn’t been active on social media since his racist PWG promo from 15+ years ago went viral.

– Dave Meltzer of noted that this week’s AEW Dynamite won the overall 18-34 demo for the first time against RAW and Smackdown. In the 18-34 category, AEW had 201,000 viewers while RAW had 200,000 viewers and Smackdown had 183,000 viewers. RAW and Smackdown beat AEW in 18-34 men but it was women that helped give AEW the overall edge. Meltzer mentioned that “Smackdown has the huge advantage of being on FOX and should blow away the field, but doesn’t.”

Twitter account @WrestleNomics also provided chart data: