Backstage News On How Many Tickets WWE Distributed For Both Nights Of WrestleMania XL

WrestleNomics reports that WWE distributed a total of 120,239 tickets for both nights of this year’s WrestleMania XL from the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was also noted on the report that 56,147 tickets were sold on night one, with another 3,389 tickets given away for free and 56,758 tickets were sold on night two, with another 3,445 tickets given away for free.

WWE had previously announced an attendance of 72,543 for night one and 72,755 for night two, which is something they have always done with their PLEs. The live gate, social media engagements and Peacock viewership were all-time company record highs and WWE WrestleMania 41 will look to break that record when it comes to Las Vegas in 2025.