Backstage News On Kayla Braxton Leaving WWE

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Two well-known names have announced their departure from WWE in the last week.

These stars include Dijak, who is now a free agent, and Kayla Braxton, whose real name is Kayla Becker. The backstage interviewer announced nearly a week ago that she is leaving WWE after being with the company since 2016.

Braxton has denied rumors of a potential move to AEW, stating on X/Twitter that she was leaving pro wrestling and that if she wanted to stay in pro wrestling, she would not have left the world’s largest company.

According to Dave Meltzer’s latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, “they were in talks for a renewal, but then she made the call not to sign a new deal.”

Braxton will wrap up her time with the company at tonight’s SmackDown from Madison Square Garden. She started out as an NXT ring announcer before transitioning to a backstage interviewer on the main roster in May 2017.