Backstage News On Shinsuke Nakamura’s Appearance At UFC 303

(Photo Credit: WWE)

As previously reported, WWE star Shinsuke Nakamura was in the corner of Rei Tsuruya at UFC 303, with both men even coming out to Nakamura’s music.

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Nakamura said he knew Tsuruya’s father and that they even trained together when Nakamura did MMA. It was also noted on the report that Tsuruya’s father asked Nakamura to be in his corner and he was happy to do it.

Nakamura revealed he liked the atmosphere of being at a UFC show, and he even said that at one point, he was asked to fight in UFC, but he chose to remain loyal to NJPW. Nakamura did wish he had one fight in UFC though.