Backstage News On WWE’s Plans For NXT’s Premiere Episode On The CW Network

In the near future, WWE NXT will be relocating to a new television network.

Thanks to record business, WWE is a cash cow, including guaranteed TV deals with NBCU and FOX for its weekly shows, record-breaking attendance at live events, and off-the-chart merchandise sales. WWE has also been able to secure a streaming deal with Peacock for its premium live events while monetizing its library.

WWE reached an agreement with Netflix to move Monday Night Raw from the USA Network to Netflix beginning in January 2025. The Raw deal is for ten years and over $5 billion, with a minimum annual value of $500 million.

WWE received a raise for SmackDown’s rights from FOX to $205 million per year on average, with NBCU offering $287 million per year when the show moves to the USA Network. Finally, NXT is set to move from the USA Network to the CW Network.

According to, NXT will debut on the CW Network on October 1st. WWE has yet to confirm the premiere date. Early plans call for the show to take place outside of the Performance Center in a large arena.