Backstage Update On WWE NXT Europe Brand Launch

(Image Credit: WWE)

Fans have been waiting a long time to see WWE NXT Europe begin, even though the company itself does not have a start date. Nevertheless, it is still scheduled for launch.

WWE announced in August 2022 that NXT UK would be on hiatus until 2023, when the NXT Europe brand will launch. Obviously, that time has passed, as NXT Europe is no longer operational, and the company has laid off a large number of employees as a result of the brand’s hiatus.

Dave Meltzer was recapping the TKO earnings call on Tuesday, during which WWE President Nick Khan addressed a question about NXT UK and NXT Europe, noting that the company does not yet have a start date.

“Nick Khan kind of jumped in. And I mean, he didn’t know that NXT UK ceased to exist many months ago. But he didn’t know it was going to become NXT Europe, which, of course, we were told when an NXT UK ceased to exist that we would, you know, early last year, especially in the first quarter of 2023, that they were going to bring it back as NXT Europe bigger and better. And I was always skeptical because it’s like if you’re bringing it back in a couple of months, like you fire everybody. The reason they did is that we are now in the first part of 2024, and there’s absolutely no date for NXT Europe. I presume, at some point, there will be. They didn’t seem to know, so Nick Khan basically didn’t address that fact, you know, he didn’t want to tell the guy that ‘there is no NXT UK. We don’t got a date for NXT Europe,’ he just said that the deal is if WWE does any added programming, and they do have goals to have, eventually have outposts in all over the world. The same thing that they talked about for years: Japan, Mexico, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. And trying to look at guys all over the world and having developmental programs in all these places. If they do TV with these groups, that TV, Netflix has the first rights to every one of those TV shows, but they don’t have to take them. And if they don’t take them, then WWE has the rights to sell them all over the world locally, in those markets in the United States, to another carrier.”

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