Becky Lynch Shares Her Thoughts On WWE Using Celebrities And Part-Timers

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE star Becky Lynch recently spoke with on a number of topics including the company using celebrities.

Lynch said, “It’s easy to be special when you only show up every four weeks or however often and then creative is specifically designed to make you feel important. Whereas when you are on TV every week, you’re on every live event, you’re doing the work to make these people seem important, you are doing the grunt work to allow them to come in and say ‘hello, let me wave majestically at everybody.’ It used to be a thing that wrestling fans would scoff at but now it seems they are starting to revere it more. Like: ‘Oh yay, this person has come around and graced us with their presence.’ So that becomes frustrating.”

“In the past, the champion would make their rounds through the territories, show off the title and be front and centre. Now that model is changing and I don’t know if it’s for the better. You learn by being in front of the crowd constantly and when you are in there with somebody who has learned by being in front of the crowd, you get better. So it moves the business forward.”

On the company using part-timers like Roman Reigns and The Rock:

“Roman and Rock are an exception because they have been there before. But if we start relying on these celebrities, the part timers, the people that don’t actually know how to do this, that don’t understand the craft, we’re in trouble. We need leaders, people who care about this, who think about stories, who think about their character, who want to drive it forward. So yes, it’s great to have the eye grab of celebrities, let them bring eyes to the product, but we can’t rely on it.”