Biggest Moments From NJPW’s The New Beginning In Osaka

With NJPW’s The New Beginning In Osaka just wrapping up, let’s look at the biggest moments from the massive event, that included stars from AEW & New Japan.

The event took place from the Edion Arena Osaka in Osaka, Japan, and streamed live on NJPW World on February 11th.

Kazuchika Okada Picks Up The Victory To End A Long Time Rivalry

(Photo Credit: NJPW)

Before the match even began, there were roaring chants of “Okada” from the sold-out crowd.

The match itself was an emotional rollercoaster. Both Okada and Tanahashi showcased their skills and chemistry, showing what has made this rivalry special throughout the years.

The closing moments saw Okada pull out the win over Tanahashi with his Rainmaker finisher in a perfect ending and send-off!

After the match, Okada and Tanahashi embrace each other. Okada took a moment to take in the reaction and support from the crowd before bowing to the NJPW logo in the center of the ring with tears in his eyes.

Chase Owens & KENTA Become New IWGP Tag Team Champions

(Photo Credit: NJPW)

The only title match on the card saw it change hands when Chase Owens & KENTA of BULLET CLUB defeated champions Guerrillas of Destiny (El Phantasmo & Hikuleo) to become new IWGP Tag Team Champions.

It was a back-and-forth contest that, at times, was a bit chaotic; however, the action was non-stop. In the end, it was the help of Ishimori coming out of nowhere to assist Owens & KENTA to pick up the win.


Zack Sabre Jr. Takes Title As Best Technical Wrester In The World

(Photo Credit: NJPW)

Anyone who saw these two do battle at AEW Wrestle Dream last year knew that they would be in for a treat during this match. Sometimes, the match doesn’t deliver compared to all the hype. Well, this match delivered!

The whole match felt like a chess match. Both wrestlers are highly skilled and technical, which was fully displayed in this match. There were numerous reversals and tide changes in this match.

After an incredible barrage of pinning sequences by both superstars, Sabre would ultimately keep Danielson’s shoulders down to pick up the three count.

After the match, ZSJ extended his hand, which Danielson shook. The two embraced in a great show of respect towards each other in another epic encounter between two of the best wrestlers in the world.


10-Man Steel Cage Match Was A Bloody War

(Photo Credit: NJPW)

This match would be the final match in NJPW for Will Ospreay as Ospreay led his United Empire brothers of Francesco Akira, HENARE, Jeff Cobb, and TJP into battle against the BULLET CLUB War Dogs (Alex Coughlin, Clark Connors, David Finlay, Drilla Moloney & Gabe Kidd) in a 10-Man Steel Cage Match.

This match had no shortage of weapons and blood in a match that mimicked a War Games-type setup and rules. It was Ospreay & Finlay who started the match for their respective teams.

While there was chaos and carnage throughout the match, in the end, the War Dogs were able to clear the ring of the UE members except for Ospreay. With Ospreay being alone against all the War Dogs, Finlay dared Ospreay to hit him, but Ospreay collapsed while attempting an offensive move. Ospreay gets hit with a spear and a finisher by Finlay to pin Ospreay to win the match for his team and end this rivalry between the two factions.

Once all the War Dogs left the ring, the United Empire reunited back in the ring to help pick up Ospreay. Ospreay grabs a mic and cuts a farewell promo. He thanked everyone in the crowd for their support and promised to return. He asked the crowd not to forget him as he signed off for one last time. United Empire was showered in confetti as they all embraced in the ring to close out the show.

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