Booker T Believes Fans Are Not “Sitting Around Waiting To See A Five-Star Match Because Wrestling Is Entertainment”

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T discussed the recent drop in AEW Dynamite’s television audience on his podcast.

“That show is not doing anything to grow their audience. They really aren’t. They’re bringing in talent, signing a lot of guys, but I really don’t think the bulk of the wrestling fans watch wrestling just for the wrestling matches. And I think that [the] company is wrestling-heavy all the time. It’s about going out and having five-star matches. And I just don’t think the true wrestling fan is sitting around waiting to see a five-star match because wrestling is entertainment. It’s always been entertainment.”

“That company seems to literally cater to that niche of fans and I really don’t think it’s that many fans out there that are staying in tune to try and keep up with guys going out and having 5-star matches on a weekly basis. Nobody cares about that. Honestly, nobody cares. I want to see a great match every time the guys go out and perform but that’s not what the fans really truly care about. That’s just my opinion.”

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