Booker T Comments On Talent AEW Tries To Sign From WWE

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently took to an episode of his “Hall Of Fame” podcast, where he talked about a number of topics including the talent that AEW tries to sign from WWE, especially the veterans and Hall of Famers.

Booker T said, “Structures are a little bit different because they seem like they don’t mind hiring the older guys but they want to hire like the indie guys at the same time. It’s a melting pot. AEW wants the guys, the older guys, you know for the veteran experience as well. But that’s being utilized. Stick around, guys. You’re in the Hall of Fame. We’ll be back in a minute, y’all. Just imagine Becky Lynch is going to have to have a hill to climb, you know, working with those girls, too.”

Booker T also talked about Bryan Danielson’s decision of wanting to stop wrestling full-time.

Booker T said, “Well, it seems like he knows what he wants. You know, he seems like he’s pretty much fulfilled, you know, everything that he wanted to feel in his business. And now he’s thinking about what’s next. You know, what’s next is like family, you know, and making sure, you know, you’re there for, you know, your kids if you have that chance. One thing that I really look back and regret, you know, being on the road, you know, when I had a kid and wasn’t there for him as much as I felt like I should have been. And a lot of wrestlers, you know, go through that same thing, my I’m going on a click again here. So hopefully. Okay, yeah, we might.”

You can check out Booker T’s complete podcast below.