Bret Hart On Vince McMahon: “I Have Absolutely Zero Respect For Him”

WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart has reacted to the Vince McMahon allegations, weeks after McMahon resigned from all of his positions at TKO, including TKO Executive Chairman and TKO Board of Directors.

The lawsuit claimed that McMahon was involved in a sex trafficking and abuse scandal with Janel Grant, a former WWE employee. The lawsuit also named the company and its former executive, John Laurnatis.

Prosecutors in New York are investigating the allegations after speaking with women who accused the former WWE CEO.

While speaking with Slate, the WWE Hall of Famer stated that he is going to tell the truth and is not concerned about McMahon’s feelings because Vince never cared about them. He said he’s fine with the truth coming out about McMahon.

“When you get that vision in your head, you go, ‘That’s messed up,’ ” Hart said. “It’s too sick and disgusting to really imagine.”

Hart said that McMahon is like the Teflon guy, and you can’t get anything on him because of his money and power.

“I don’t think this is the only incident of this kind of predatory behavior,” Hart said. “I think you’ll find that it’s everywhere in [WWE].”

Hart continued, “It’s like Jeffrey Dahmer, Harvey Weinstein, or Jeffrey Epstein: Vince will be a joke. He’ll be used for humor, and you’ll shake your head at the shock value of some joke about, ‘What did Vince McMahon do?’ He’ll always be associated with this story, especially as it gets bigger and bigger and bigger.”

Hart stated that his previous respect for McMahon has been tainted, and he is embarrassed that he once thought so highly of him.

Hart recalled apologizing to former WWE referee Rita Chatterton, who came forward in 1992 to accuse McMahon of raping her after the lawsuit was filed, because he didn’t think McMahon would do something like that with so much at stake. He admitted to Chatterson that he was mistaken not to believe her.

“I think, despite all of the issues I ever had with Vince, I know, deep down, I always respected him, but now, knowing what kind of a weirdo he became, I have absolutely zero respect for him.”

Hart added that he doesn’t think he’ll ever shake McMahon’s hand because it’s too creepy now.