Brian Cage Addresses If He Feels “Under-Appreciated” In AEW

AEW star Brian Cage was asked if he feels “under-appreciated” in the company during an appearance on Busted Open Radio.

Here is his response:

“In certain regards, yes. With our core audience at AEW, I feel they almost hate on me because of all those attributes [size, charisma, mic work, athleticism], I almost feel like that screams WWE. In some regards, it’s almost like anti-me, ‘He doesn’t belong here. He’s too jacked, he does this,’ which are all positives in my book, but it feels like ‘I’m on the wrong team.’ I can toot my own horn and say, they can’t be me, so they’d rather attach on to a Darby Allin or someone they can live more viciously through as opposed to someone like me.”

You can check out the complete show below:

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