Cody Rhodes Criticized By Former WWE Writer For Crying During RAW Promo

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Cody Rhodes cut a promo and became emotional during the March 11th, 2024 edition of WWE RAW, discussing potentially winning the Undisputed WWE Universal title from Roman Reigns. Cody stated, “My mother. She is the only one I got left. And I can’t hand it to Dusty Rhodes, but I certainly can hand it to Michelle Rubio.”

While appearing on Busted Open Radio, former WWE writer Vince Russo commented on Cody. Russo said, “Cody, get therapy, man. Every freaking week, this guy is going out, cutting promos, he can’t get through a promo without crying. Casual wrestling fans, we don’t want to see wrestlers cry, bro. We want to see men’s men, we want to see wrestlers, we want to see testosterone, bro. We don’t want to see namby-pamby crybabies.”

“How anybody can be a fan of this guy as a babyface, bro, crying over a prop … Bro, he’s got himself convinced that he’s going to really win a match and have a real title and, ‘I’m gonna give this title to my mom and my dad, even though he’s not here, he is gonna be proud.’”

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