Cody Rhodes Talks About How Social Media Can Be Toxic

AEW’s Cody Rhodes recently appeared on Busted Open Radio and talked about the AEW vs. NXT competition so far.

“I think about this a lot because it’s so toxic, and when I say toxic, I mean social media. Social media is becoming an accepted part of our lives now. I keep reminding people about how life was like before we had Instagram and Twitter and what we used to do, it’s almost like saying remember when we didn’t have cell phones? Social media is not going away so what I’ve tried to learn from it and study from it is that there is a logic to both sides of this big, deep divided argument,” said Cody.

“Whether there’s a little bit of fear from long-time WWE fans or whether there is a dislike of the bold personalities because we have done some pretty bold things like the breaking of the throne or taking little fun jabs like Chris Jericho did here and there. But, on the other side of that is the defenders of AEW that are kind of overly protective and sometimes being too generous to us because obviously, we are going to slip and make mistakes too. But it’s like you said though, if you those people together with one side wearing NXT shirts and the other guys wearing AEW shirts they would get along just fine because they are wrestling fans.”

“If you look at the geopolitical climate closely and you look at everything that is happening out in the world, our fanbase needs to do a better job, I think, to get along in a way and that starts at the top,” stated Cody. “I can go ahead and say that I think a lot of things get screwed up with what was done with me in WWE but if I was to be in a room with Triple H at this moment, I would shake his hand and would probably give him a hug outside of everything that has happened. I learned a lot from him. He is on the absolute opposite side of the fence in the same role that I am in AEW and has much more experience in it.”