Current Plans Regarding WWE SmackDown’s Move To FOX

Dave Meltzer of provided some notes regarding WWE Smackdown’s move to FOX on October 4th:

– Smackdown will be airing 51 weeks a year on FOX with the show be preempted for the World Series. It’s possible the show could move to FS1 for that one week.

– A one-hour launch show is being scheduled for late September to introduce casual FOX viewers to the WWE product.

– There is talk about putting NXT on FOX Sports which would possibly lead to NXT going head-to-head with AEW on Wednesday nights.

– Regarding the rumored talk show, Meltzer noted that “this is not a done deal yet, but the weekly talk show on FS 1 is a done deal, as has already been announced, with Renee Young as the host.”

– There are various methods that will likely be used to promote the FOX debut including wrestlers driving a moving truck to various cities and the usage of a digital primer to teach viewers the insider terms.

– Several big surprises are being talked about for the debut on FOX.